Vacation ideas (UK, Vietnam...?)

  1. Alright, I need advice. I can't decide whether to go on a vacation in October/November when I have three paid weeks off or go in February when I quit my job before moving back to the US. Any ideas for a country I could visit for 3 weeks in Oct/Nov? My grandpa keeps harping on Scotland, but I don't know wbout the weather. I was also thinking Vietnam, but don't know if 3 weeks would be enough....

    Have any of you gone on great three week vacations? Any suggestions would be appreciated, except that I won't go to a beach resort like Club Med anywhere.
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  3. by   CATHYW
    Gosh, Ferg, what choices! You don't say-would these be group tours, rental cars, trains, walkabouts, hostels, B&B's, or what? Would you be traveling alone, or with someone else?

    Your family is from Scotland, right? Like Grandpa, my leanings would defiinitely be there. On the other hand, if Vietnam is something significant in your hx (sorry, I don't know a lot about you), then that would be the place to go. You could always do Scotland on shorter vacations. Whatever you choose, I think thta 3 weeks ANYWHERE is going to be awesome! (-:
  4. by   live4today
    Hey fergus, if you need a traveling companion during those three weeks, I'd luuuuuvvv to tag along. :chuckle What I wouldn't give for a vacation right now! Ahhhhhhhhhhh...some romantic Island somewhere...Australia...Ireland...Barbados...Jamai ca...Aruba...

    I loved the Bahamas and Hawaii! If you want to vacation in the United States, the best weather this time of year is probably on the Pacific Coast of least that would be my pick. Three weeks is long enough to go on a about cruising to Alaska? Wherever you go, have fun and think about all of us who would love to be there with you.
  5. by   Ted

    Beautiful place!!!

  6. by   JJFROG
    Cruise the Panama Canal. You could have some exploring and sight seeing at the port of calls, then r and r on the cruise ship.
  7. by   fergus51
    Thanks guys. This trip will be me solo (I need to find someone who I like to travel with who has the time and money to do so!) and no group tours (I like to set my own itinerary). I'll be doing the bus and hostel/B&B thing (I am not rich from my nursing salary).

    My gramps is Scottish (thus my last name being Fergusson) and he was mad that I didn't go there for my last vacation. I've always wanted to go, but I am not sure about the weather that time of year. I also thought of Ireland, but I think he would disown me if I went to Ireland and not Scottland! I don't have any real attachment to Vietnam, but I went to Thailand 2 years ago and found it amazing (not to mention that it's very safe for a solo female traveller) plus it would be warm. But it is a long country so I don't know if that would be enough time....

    I don't think I am going to do the US because I am planning on moving there after my vacation, either to Washington, Oregon or California and I've been to Alaska (BEAUTIFUL!).... Plus your dollar would KILL me. I think the Canadian dollar is worth about 63 cents US.
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  8. by   jayna
    Ferg, am in vietnam right now.
    Vietnam is such a beautiful country in it's own unique way, and it's cheap for overseas travellers. You have to choose to go to the mountains or to the sea or shoping around the country cities with beautiful silk, linen, cotton materials and tell the tailors to make clothes for you (i have done it). You won't regret it, there are very special things you can choose from lacquer paintings to silk clothes, to beautiful cerAmic things to unique landscape pictures.
    3 wks is more than enough.
    enclosing few travel agents for some vietnam pictures
    or check the lonely planet website for vietnam.

    hope this will give you a good picture of vietnam
  9. by   jayna
    Okay, i don't say for you to come here zap your credit card. I met solo female travellers who met other solo travellers and teamed up, also around hanoi is beautiful, just lazing around and see how the vietnam culture goes by looking at it.
  10. by   prn nurse
    Why would anyone want to go to Vietnam ? On a prioritized list of fifty countries, Vietnam would be # 50 for me. But, I may be out of the loop. I'd choose Chile, Brazil, Paraguay before VN. For tropical beauty, security, and economy, Costa Rica can't be beat. All are secure for single females. Mexico, and the Yucatan, I have done it twice...ditto, beauty , economy and safety. What about the Carribbean? Aruba?? Everything in the Carribbean is dirt cheap...Americans, with the market waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down, are not traveling and it is the off season in the Carribbean. What about Egypt?? My choice would be Paris or Athens. Paris, ....I could spend three weeks in the Louvre. .... So what if the weather is just a tad frosty in Scotland? Geez? Gramps must be thinking all the tough stuff has been bred out.
  11. by   MPHkatie
    Well, if it were me, I'd go to Tanzania or Malawi. but I also think maybe the Corn Islands in Central America, Panama also nice, with lots to do/see, definitely enough time to enjoy either for 3 weeks or also Costa Rica, which is lovely. Another place I have always wanted to go is Cuba. Still trying to get up the nerve to do it however, as it is actually illegal for me.

    I'd avoid Egypt right now as it is *rather* close to some very conflicted zones right now.

    Vietnam is a place I'd like to go. It is absoloutely beautiful, and as Americans, most of us (myself included) know very little of the culture. And the culture is so different, and unique. I can't imagine not going there someday. Right now though, this week it is Nicaragua for me.
  12. by   kewlnurse
    I don't recall if yoru a US citizen or not, if not Cuba is supposed to be absolutly beautiful and very, very cheap is you use American $$.
  13. by   live4today
    Wow, Jayna, Vietnam IS beautiful! I never knew it was that beautiful! My first spouse and father to my three children served in Vietnam during the conflict as did my brother and a few cousins. Viewing those websites that you listed made me curious about what Vietnam looked like today since the conflict, and it looks absolutely breathtaking! Thanks for posting those websites.
  14. by   fergus51
    LOL prn nurse! I am up here in Canada and although I don't mind the cold weather, it isn't what I had in mind for a vacation! We're a heck of a lot colder than Scotland I would imagine

    I've already done the Paris thing, and Egypt is a little scary as a foreign female alone. I was originally planning on northern India but changed for that reason... Cuba is definitely a consideration (I can use the Canadian passport and leave my American one at home). I think Brazil is too big, but some of those smaller central American countries might be a good idea... Keep the ideas coming people!

    So the list goes as

    Vietnam (gorgeous pics jayna, thanks!)
    A central american country