Vacation countdown!

  1. My plane leaves in 54 hours and 33 minutes

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    I wish you were just more excited about your vacation Nancy

    Have a great time - we'll miss ya!

  4. by   kids tired to expent the energy to jump up and down...

    But this trip is SO worth it all the hassle to go on it!

    8 days of cat fishing and my mother in laws cooking...*sigh* Heaven!

    I worked 70 hours last week so I wouldn't have to dip into my PTO to much (I'm an 'exempt employee so no OT unless I go over 80 in the 14 day pay period).

    Still have to corral someone to dish up my Mom's meds Q day.
    The laundry is still a** deep,
    House is filthy,
    Deserately need to get my nail done- I've been giving them a rest from acrylic and they are chewwed to blood stubs (the reason I get them done in the first place),
    Groceries, cant forget food for the 2 teenagers staying at home(then again if I don't leave food the may have to get jobs...hhmmm)

    I'll sleep when I'm dead...
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