1. Just want to share,,,,

    Enjoying day three of a much needed,, long over due,, TWO WEEK VACATION :roll

    I haven't let anyone know yet I'm off,,, (parents,, sisters,, friends etc,, they will all make plans for me,,, I will do them and resent it afterward,,, needing more time off!!! Parents 14 hour drive x2,,, sister,,10 hour x2,,, in opposite directions,, )

    I am taking this time minute by minute,, I have enjoyed more time here at allnurses,, posting all I want,,, couldn't think of a better way to spend my vacation!,,,,

    Anyway,,,, may sound selfish,,, but I am spending till the 30th,,, Vegging out,,,, doing only what I want to do!,,,

    Thank you allnurses,,,, for sharing my vacation with me,,,,

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    Cool nakitamoon! The best vacations, in my opinion, are the ones spent being lazy and doing whatever comes to your mind at that moment!


  4. by   cactus wren
    :hatparty: Enjoy, recharge those batteries.Maybe a nice trashy novel, favorite foods, loooooong bubble bath. You`ll be a brand new gal after 2 weeks, and probably a little bored, and be glad to be back to work............or maybe not........depends........
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    I'm still counting down til Oct. 12th.
    3 1/2 weeks to go.
  6. by   live4today
    Have a wonderful peaceful vacation Nakita! :kiss

    Rusty.....hope you and your family enjoy your upcoming vacation, too. :kiss

    Hubby and I are going on vacation the week of Thanksgiving. I'm soooooo looking forward to it, too, since I will get to hold and hug all my wonderful grandchildren. :kiss And...their parents too. :chuckle
  7. by   nursegoodguy
    Vacation goes by too quickly when we are able to take one?
    Does anyone else cash in their time? I have over a hundred vacation hours to use in the next 2 months but... not enough nurses on staff to take off time...
  8. by   nakitamoon
    I am able to one time a year,,, cash in my PTO,,,, personal time off,,,, at half the rate,,,,

    Like now,,, even though I am using 80 hours of it,, i still have like 160 left,,,, have to be used by my anniveersary date!,,,, Which is Mar. 3,,,,,

    The will hold and carry over year to year up to 96 hours,,, If you don't use it,,,,, you will lose it,,,,,

    Even though I have continual staffing problems,,,,, need to get away for even few days,,,,, I tried taking a day a week ,,,,, which only succeeded in making me more tired,,,,

    If I could cash in time,,,, for face value,,,, I may look at it differently,,,, I am salary,,,, sooo they already get the better end of the deal,,,, and to cash in even 80hours,,,,, for 40 hours pay,,,, think not,,,,,


    P.s. giuseppe,,,, time flies too fast,,,,, only have one more week to go,,,,, & when I return,,, I will be so busy I'll wish I hadn't of taken time off,,,,, but,,,,,

    My advise to you my friend,,,,, take the time off,,,,, relax,,,, disassotiate,,,, you need it,,,,,, I'm sure,,,, and know what,,, staffing all those problems will still be there when you get back~

    take care
    Wow kita! You sure are up awfully early for someone that doesn't have to be to work!

  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I prefer to be up early when on vacation....we took a lovely 10 days by the ocean....just me and the water and the sun. yep. i hope you have fun. enjoy; it is vital to your health.