USNS Mercy going to Indonesia


    The ship left San Diego this afternoon.
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  3. by   Rep
    Good, they all need the help they can get.
  4. by   gwenith
    Here's hoping she is still in time We are hearing of the start of the next wave of casualties - there is a LOT of pneumonia from inhalation of contaminated water. The most common operation at the moment it limb amputation because there just it no way to give the king of support that they need if the limbs were to be saved.
  5. by   Thunderwolf
    I'm glad we are sending some help out there...tangible, hands on help. These poor folks.
    I know several of our Asian Indian docs have left and flew back home to check on their loved ones. Trying to cheer up one doc who has stayed behind. It is just such a mess. I hope things start to get better.
  6. by   prmenrs
    Actually, there are a lot of combat helicopters delivering supplies from the USS Abraham Lincoln, I think. Some aircraft carrier. And I saw Marines off loading a plane, too.

    They were interviewing the CO of the Mercy; he said that instead of mostly trauma teams, they were taking pediatricians, internal med and OB-gyns. They got underway w/less than 36 hrs notice (from when they got orders and so forth), and people were volunteering to go.

    The ship only goes about 10-15 knots/hr, and it's close to 10-12K miles; I imagine they'll need some gas along the way, too.

    I'm just glad they're going.
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  7. by   gwenith
    I am glad too - just wish there was some way - any way of getting there sooner. The hospital in Banda Acheh has just re-opened (partially). I would not be surprised if the ship ends up diverted elsewhere after the current summit on aid. Colin Powell is attending - I saw him on TV - he LOOKED shaken after having just flown over the area. He said he had seen wars and disasters but NOTHING like this.