using ordinary things for other purposes

  1. I love when I see things used in unusual ways. I have had only 2 such ideas in my life (I'm not very creative or crafty), and they probably aren't as original as I'd like to think they are. I thought it would be fun to share such ideas.

    I found a small clay pot with a base thingy that someone had sponged a nice design onto at a garage sale for maybe 50 cents. I use it for my sponge and plastic scrubber dohickey. It works wonderfully, keeps them neat and drains off the water so no icky wet moldy sponges. Another idea, which come to think of it wasn't mine, is to use an olive oil dipenser for my dish soap. It sure looks better than the bottle from the store. Almost makes doing dishes a pleasure. NOT!
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  3. by   kittyw
    I often use items in unusual ways ... usually to reach items that are out of my reach!!! funny how creative you can be when you're SHORT!!
  4. by   galenight
    Oh yeah kitty! I'm only 5 foot nothing. I adore the man who invented tongs! How else would I get stuff from high shelves? I'm surely not jumping on the counters anymore!!! I've also found that a long handled wooden spoon works in a pinch but often whatever I'm trying to get falls down and spills open, making an awful mess. Sometimes being vertically challenged is, well ........... a challenge!
  5. by   hoolahan
    I am not crafty in that way either, but since I visit lots of homes, I see a lot of interesting things.

    One I can think of right off the bat is a lady who used a big pretty conch shell by her sink, with litle shells in it, so when you placed a small soap in it, it drained the soapy stuff off so the soap would dry. So pretty.

    I have started to use basketes to organize my clutter. So, on the kitchen table, we keep vitamins in a little basket so we all don;t forget to take them. I had another big basket which I put the cookbooks in for the kitchen, since I don't have any closet or shelf space is this old house. Also, bought a pretty little basket to keep the fish food in next to the fish tank, and one for my hampster. Other than that I am into big rubbermaid containers.... for everything!!!

    Alos heard of a HH nurse who taught pt to use a pillow case safety pinned to the bed to hold the foley bag in, functional, yet aesthetically pleasing!

    Another nursing tip, for a trach pt or anyone choking, this is for HH nurses if you have supplies w you, connect a small NG tube or foley cath (pedi sizes) to a piston tip syringe to use as a makeshift suction, insert catheter, and pull back on syringe for suction, teach it to families for power outs too.

    Good idea for a thread!