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  1. Greetings,
    How do I use an image instead of the defaults?
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  3. by   cbs3143
    Hi alet3ff,

    Welcome to the AllNurses. This is a frequently asked question, and as luck would have it, is addressed in the FAQ section of the bulletin board. You can click the FAQ button near the top of the screen to access it.

    You need to have at least 10 posts to put a customized avatar on your user name. Until then, you can choose from those that Brian has available. Each customized avatar has to be 100 X 100 pixels or smaller to be used.

    You'll need a digital camera, a scanner, or a previously digitalized graphic. Reduce it to no more than 100 X 100 pixels in size and then upload it from your computer as directed in the user control panel - edit options section. Send me a PM (Private Message) if you need help.

    Anyone here will be happy to assist you.

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    Woot! Me too. You know I'll be here all day cause the light hurts my eyes from celebrating my b-day too hard last night! :chuckle

    PM me or post here if you need help.

    But actually, you need to post a few posts to get your post count above 10, like Chuck said!

  5. by   cbs3143
    Hey alet3ff,

    I forgot that I'm leaving on a road trip for a couple of days. If you PM me but don't hear from me right away, it's because I'll be in Nebraska for a day or two. Like Heather said though, she'll get you straightened out if you need the info before I get back. I'm going to visit the SAC Museum, and meet a buddy from another bulletin board. Should be fun.

    By the way Heather, that's some countdown you've got going

  6. by   alet3ff
    The SAC museum... that is not Strategic Air Command is it? I figured not... Have a great time and thanks for the info.
    Now let me count... nine posts and one to go.
    Nope Ed. Looks like you've got 10 posts to me. What are you waiting for????

    Let's go! How far are you? Do you have a picture you want to use?

    Originally posted by cbs3143
    By the way Heather, that's some countdown you've got going
    I figured... hey, what the hell? Why not? After all, my world does revolve around me!

    Have fun on your road trip! We'll miss ya!

  9. by   alet3ff
    I did finally make over 10 posts so I have uploaded my picture.
    Not sure how many dart boards this will end up on.
  10. by   Whisper
    Ed, once you get started posting it is actually quite alarming how the number of posts creep up and up
    Woot! Nice pic!

    When someone posts and asks help with posting a pic, that usually means they're pretty computer illiterate, and that we can count on a few hours of instruction. Not that it's a bad thing, most of us just aren't used to it being up and runing that fast!

    Welcome to the boards!