USA sends fighter jets to South Korea

  1. This is certainly worrying. I always think military action should be a last resort but I don't think there is any talking down North Korea...............Kim Jong Un seems to have been brought up in a bubble. He's 28 and not qualified to run a nation. Not sure if he's all talk and his people are starving again. His father used to talk up a storm and basically everyone would send them food aid and they'd calm down again.

    Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- The South Korean president on Monday warned North Korea that any provocative moves will be met with "a strong response" as the United States deployed stealth fighter jets in the tense region as part of joint military exercises.
    "If there is any provocation against South Korea and its people, there should be a strong response in initial combat without any political considerations," President Park Geun-hye said at a meeting with senior defense and security officials, according to her office.
    Her comments came after North Korea rattled off fresh volleys of bombastic rhetoric over the weekend, declaring that it had entered a "state of war" with the South and labeling the U.S. mainland a "boiled pumpkin," vulnerable to attack.
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  3. by   22gawhitacre
    Barack Obama isn't any more qualified to run a nation. If it wasn't for Obama looking weak and impotent with a lackluster foreign policy we wouldn't be in this situation.
  4. by   herring_RN
    It is worrying.
    North Korea doesn't have the support of China anymore.

    The United States requirement that the president must be at least 35 makes sense to me.
    South Korea vows fast response to North; U.S. deploys stealth jets

    (Reuters) - South Korea will strike back quickly if the North stages any attack, the new president in Seoul warned on Monday, as tensions ratcheted higher on the Korean peninsula amid shrill rhetoric from Pyongyang and the U.S. deployment of radar-evading fighter planes.

    North Korea says the region is on the brink of a nuclear war in the wake of United Nations sanctions imposed for its February nuclear test and a series of joint U.S. and South Korean military drills that have included a rare U.S. show of aerial power. ...

    ... Stung by criticism that its response to the shelling of a South Korean island in 2010 was tardy and weak, Seoul has also threatened to target North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and to destroy statues of the ruling Kim dynasty in the event of any new attack, a plan that has outraged Pyongyang.

    Seoul and its ally the United States played down Saturday's statement from the official KCNA news agency as the latest in a stream of tough talk from Pyongyang. ...
  5. by   BCgradnurse
    It is scary. Kim Jong-un seems to be immature, unreasonable, and extremely volatile. That's not a good mix when coupled with power (and Dennis Rodman!!).
  6. by   tewdles
    Crazy dictators are problematic and scary.
    When we become the world police it gets us into very troubling situations (reference Iraq).
    The fact that Dennis Rodman finds this dictator to be an okay guy is even more evidence that he is not "normal".
  7. by   TopazLover
    My DS is in SK. He says people have started a buying frenzy to stockpile. He says there is a more desperate feeling than usual.

    I have not checked the news. I am feeling desperate as well. I wish he were out of the country. I know he won't leave. He is a pastor and the shepherd does not leave the sheep.

    For those who include prayer, please add my DS and his adopted home to your list.
  8. by   herring_RN
    Prayers for your son and for peace.
  9. by   TopazLover
    North Korea Vows To Restart Mothballed Facilities At Yongbyon Nuclear Complex
    n 2008, North Korea destroyed the cooling tower at Nyongbyon in a show of commitment, but the deal later stalled after North Korea balked at allowing intensive international fact-checking of its past nuclear activities. Pyongyang pulled out of the talks after international condemnation of its long-range rocket test in April 2009. North Korea "is making it clear that its nuclear arms program is the essence of its national security and that it's not negotiable," said Sohn Yong-woo, a professor at the Graduate School of National Defense Strategy of Hannam University in South Korea.

    Supreme People's Assembly, North Korea's Parliament, Meets Amid Nuclear Tension

    On Thursday, U.S. officials said two B-2 stealth bombers flew from the United States and dropped dummy munitions on an uninhabited South Korean island as part of the drills. Hours later, Kim ordered his generals to put rockets on standby and threatened to strike American targets if provoked.
    While analysts call North Korea's threats largely brinkmanship, there is some fear that a localized skirmish might escalate. Seoul has vowed to respond harshly should North Korea provoke its military. Naval skirmishes in disputed Yellow Sea waters off the Korean coast have led to bloody battles several times over the years. Attacks blamed on Pyongyang in 2010 killed 50 South Koreans.

    It looks like NK may be heading in a more progressive economic plan. Of course it has to be better. Currently there is cannibalism due to starvation. Those who have escaped tell of great struggles to even exist.

    I have always looked at NK as trying to imitate "The Mouse That Roared". Of course their attack was much nicer.
    Prayers that things will improve.
  10. by   TopazLover
    Ban Ki-Moon: North Korea On 'Collision Course' That Could Lead To War

    The slide show gives some indication of lack of support for NK.

    This continues to frighten me.
  11. by   kalevra
    Simple fix....Drone Strike.

    Hit their nuclear assets first, once thats said and done, you move in with more Drone Strikes.

    Then have the South Koreans and Americans roll through and end this already. America loves a stand up fight against a traditional Army. Non of this counter terrorism Iraq/Afghanistan style war. The North Koreans wear uniforms and fight like an old school soviet block military. This war would be a cake walk.

    Afterwards, have the south Koreans deal with the mess. It is their country after all.
  12. by   tewdles
    I liked Jon Stewarts remarks about this...don't expect a long term war relationship with the US, don't expect nation building if you continue on this path...we are on the rebound and this will likely be a wham, bam, thank you ma'am sort of relationship.
  13. by   TopazLover
    It seems that the fear that China would support NK may be lessened. If that is not the case then I think you can kiss SK goodbye in case of major attack. If we go for drones and preemptive we had best be sure we can get out without getting sucked in. SK may seem expendable but perhaps not for people like me who have loved ones there.