urine injectios? Not THAT stupid

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    Fake doctor facing felony charges


    Schenectady, NY, Oct. 5 - A Schenectady man is accused of practicing medicine without a license. Investigators say he was doing the work of a doctor, a dentist and a veterinarian.

    The felony charges against 55-year-old Richard E. Holland involved the use of a method Holland called "applied kinesiology." Authorities say the treatments included giving one woman injections of urine and other substances with an unsterilized hypodermic needle. That woman told NewsChannel 13 that Holland convinced her she needed urine injections in her buttocks. She says the use of dirty needles caused infections so sever she cannot sit.
    Attorney General Eliot Spitzer says Holland's method involved applying pressure on a person's extended arm as he said the names of diseases. He diagnosed illnesses according to when he was able to push the arm down.
    One Scotia man hoped Holland could treat his dog's cancer. Mark Rowe said he was ready to try anything to save his golden retriever. He says Holland resented government regulations. Rowe likes alternative medicine, but he's afraid Holland might be giving it a bad name. "Looking back, it seems I was taken advantage of. I don't know if I was, but that's how I feel," Rowe said.
    Investigators say it was on Union Street where Holland made people believe he was able to diagnose, to treat, to operate, and to prescribe medicine. It's also alleged that he injured a patient, leading to the most serious charge, assault, which could result in a sentence of 25 years in state prison.
    Robin Denault describes herself as Holland's girlfriend. She says the allegations are bogus, and claims that Holland never told anyone that he was a licensed doctor.
    Holland is now in the Schenectady County Jail. He is to appear in court again November 18th.

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    poor nurse


  3. by   adrienurse
    I didn't need that to convince me that people are stupid.
  4. by   Furball
    SHOULD be beyond this but I'm still amazed at the stupidity of some folks....
  5. by   JonRN
    Desperate People trying desperate cures. Too bad there is always someone waiting in the wings to take advantage of these poor people. But hey, urine injections.......what the hell were they thinking?????

    It's sad that there are people sick and twisted enough to try and capitalize on someone's deepest fears and hopes.

    But um.... urine??? I guess that's up there with Botox to me. Nothing I can say but a big old fat "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"

  7. by   live4today
    To some humans......urine has healing qualities......but, why inject it when so many simply drink their own urine? Yepper.....this is a fact......and NO, I don't drink my own urine, but I've known people who do for health reasons. Maybe we're missing a key ingredient to healing some of today's diseases? Who's to say, eh?
    :chuckle Well, to each their own I guess. But my theory is that my body got rid of it for a reason....

  9. by   OHmom2boys
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    :chuckle Well, to each their own I guess. But my theory is that my body got rid of it for a reason....

  10. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    I have to agree with all of yall, urine is a waste product, I ain't going to put it back in my body.
  11. by   JonRN
    We have all seen people "fingerpainting" and eating their own poop......Maybe they are smarter than we gave them credit for. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Who is smarter, urine drinkers or poopeaters?

  12. by   sphinx
    I was once told, when going through some chronic "female problems", to try the urine cure (drink my own urine). Mind you, not by a health care provider......but this person provided several links to websites that promote this, and yes, a LOT of people do it, suppodely it'll cure all your ills. Yuck, is all I can say.