Update on West Nile testing

  1. This is an update to Deespoohbears thread of a few weeks ago- my West Nile results came back almost 4 weeks later. They were not negative but not completely positive. They termed them "suspicious" and the state has sent it off to CDC for further testing. I feel a lot better and have been back to "work"( I'm here doing paperwork for JCAHO) for awhile so I'm thinking in another month who cares what it was.

    If the further testing does come back positive my smallish town newspaper headlines will be..." West Nile virus found in Oklahoma horses and Mattigan... " How embarrassing.

    Thanks for all the well wishes I received.
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  3. by   eltrip
    So, which symptoms were you having that caused the doc to order testing for West Nile virus?

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better...sorry that you were sick.

    Keep getting better,
  4. by   Mattigan
    flu like symptoms (aches, congestion, low grade fever) and numbness and tingling in legs and left arm and horrible head ache for a couple of weeks, then fever went up and was 101-103 for 6 days straight- I went to the doctor on about the 2nd day of high fever .