Update on Warrior Woman's Mother

  1. Dear Allnurses Siblings

    I just spoke with Theresa via telephone, and she asked me to relay the following message to you all:

    Her dear mother, Ruth, has been transferred to Harborside Healthcare in Perrysburg, Ohio (It's a nursing home). The transfer occurred at 2:30 p.m. EST today.

    Theresa stated she use to work there, and that it is a very nice facility...only within a ten minute drive from their home...and has the best nursing staff there.

    I told Theresa this is EXCELLENT news, and she should be rejoicing that her mother is now going to receive 24 hour excellent nursing care, not to mention the facility being so close to her home so she can visit as often as she wants.

    I also suggested she seek re-employment there since she speaks so highly of the staff, and left in good standing. That way, after she becomes an LPN, she can work there and help with her mother's care.

    She said that she will look into doing just that, too. :kiss

    God is sooooooo good! HE has worked this situation out for the betterment of the entire family! I told Theresa that she should now be able to relax more, destress, focus more on her own life's happiness, and begin to build her nursing career for herself as she desires to do.

    I spoke briefly with her father, too, and he sounds just as depressed as our Theresa. I mentioned this to Theresa, and she stated she is aware of this, too. We talked more about her father, and I suggested she just give him a warm embrace every single day....say "I love you Dad. Everything is going to be okay, you'll see"...and pray for her Dad that he be comforted and prepared for this change in his marital living arrangements. At least he can visit with her often since the nursing facility is so close to where they currently live.

    Theresa thanks everyone for their heartfelt prayers and positive vibes sent her way. Keep her in mind as she nears the end of her schooling, and begins to prepare for her nursing boards. Thank you all for all you give to this family in love, prayer, positive energy, flowers to her mother, phone calls, emails, "PM" messages and so forth. She greatly appreciates it all! :kiss
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  3. by   Brownms46
    Fantastic news Renee.. Thanks for the update...
  4. by   LasVegasRN
    Thank Goodness!! She has definitely been through the fire lately. It's good to hear she can rest easier and lay some worries down.
  5. by   GPatty
    Thank you for the update on what's been going on. Are you Allnurses guardian angel? :angel2:
    I think you may very well be.....
    God bless ya Darlin'!
  6. by   dianah
    Hope things ARE better, soon. Thoughts and prayers continue to be sent. -- D