Update On Cheerfuldoer

  1. Renee arrived at her destination last Friday. She had a smooth drive to CA, and an easy trip. However, her accomodations were not at all what she expected. Those pretty pictures of the beautiful furnished apartment with the pool just outside? NOT! She is in an old rundown building and is using the person who lived in the apartment's bed to sleep in, the kitchen is so greasy and dirty she won't eat in it, she hasn't started to work yet because travel nurses have to go through the hospital's testing along with the agency's testing, she isn't receiving her mail yet, and her computer is infected with viruses. I told her how to gain access to her antivirus system and run it, so hopefully that will take care of a lot of her puter problems.

    But she met another nurse close to her own age from Pittsburgh, and who is working for the same agency as Renee. So she has at least gained a nice friend out of the deal. And I'm sure with our prayers things will fall into place for her.

    The owner of the place has breast cancer and is hospitalized, so she could use some prayers as well.

    Until she comes back on the board, I will keep you updated on her progress unless she is able to log in herself.

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  3. by   jnette
    Thanx for the update, Fran !

    Had been wondering how she was making out... hope the situation with her living quarters can be resolved... how disappointing !

    Glad she was able to make a friend, however... that might help ease the transition. Hope she gets her pooter up and running soon... give her our hellos !!!
  4. by   zudy
    Yes, thank you Fran! Tell Renee I hope things get better! And that agency better move hr to a great place, they obviously don't know what a jewel they have!
  5. by   FranEMTnurse
    How true, Zudy. And Jnette, I will tell her you all were glad to get the update and to say hello for you.