unlike his namesake, Jessie James trys to put money in the bank!

  1. My husband has a new hero, Jessie James. He watches those chopper shows everytime they come on even if they are reruns. Last weekend he was glued to the tv because they had a marathon or something. It does not matter if it is the motorcycle show or the one where Jessie James and his team builds goofy monster machines. There is also a father son show, Orange county something, not as good as Jessie hubby says. I have been a golf widow, a football and baseball widow, this however is a new wrinkle.
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  3. by   Tilleycs
    That's funny, my girlfriend and I watched those shows this past Sunday morning. It was our weekly "do-nothing day", and there's usually NOTHING on, but The Discovery Channel was the one to watch this past Sunday! LOL!
  4. by   kimy
    This is my kind of topic....Jesse James.

    He is too cool (easy on the eyes too )....My husband and I religiously watch him whether it's on monster garage or motorcycle mania. Orange County Choppers is just an comedy show....its fun to watch the dad (who owns the place) constantly bicker with his son. Have you noticed that he does absolutely nothing, except for freak out and stay on the phone? I have yet to see him build or even participate in the "fabrication" (their favorite word on that show) of one of the choppers. The son builds some really interesting bikes but Jesse James has em all beat, his are just plain fine, what a chopper should be.

    I guess you really have to be into cars and bikes to get into those shows. Seems like the only days anything good comes on tv are Sundays (horsepower tv block on TNN w/ Super2ner TV and all the other shows) and Mondays with monster garage, motorcycle mania and American choppers on discovery (w/ orange county choppers).

    No need to be a widow....if you can't beat them join them, that's what I had to do several years ago and I think now, I probably enjoy cars as much if not more than he does. Other than school and work, we eat sleep and breathe that stuff. In fact, we're in the process of picking out a rigid frame to start the build on one now.
  5. by   oramar
    I hope you can tell by my post that I find the whole situation amusing. Certainly I am perfectly willing to listen to my hubby speak estatically about Jessie's latest invention. However, I doubt if I will be wearing welding hood and gloves anytime soon.