Underwear, Under there...

  1. hi guys....

    ok... here goes... I was just thinking...
    now, a bra... to wear, or not to wear...
    see... I feel a need to wear one when I go out, as, to quote my best friend 'got boobies'.... clothes fit nicer, the whole shebang.... but, when I come home... if its climate controled (as in if the hvac isint broken) off, it shoots, like the slingshot of old cartoons... but, if its hot in there, it stays on... kinda keeps it comfier by keeping em out of the way....

    so... kids-- to wear or not to wear...
    now, as a subset...
    Do you wear undershirts? (I dont... just doesnt look right)
    do you go without?
    do you go with?

  2. Poll: Underwear Under There?

    • I wear a bra-- uncomfortable, but supportive... kinda like an ex I knew once....)

      64.00% 16
    • I go without (I'm freeee, Free as a bird!!)

      20.00% 5
    • I wear undershirts(comfy goodness)

      0% 0
    • I wish I could be the incredable nekked wonder, but since society aint into it, I suppose I gotta wear clothes... occasionally.... but, thats okay...

      20.00% 5
    25 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   jennyej
    I have to wear the bra. Although my husband has told me not to. I prefer to be uncomfortable in one than sore from not wearing one.
  5. by   live4today
    only wear one when the occasion calls for it. And.....that's all folks!!! :kiss
  6. by   micro
    only when i have too'

    and i mean only when i have to too'
    work is about it...........

    i hate encumbrages(chk splg)
    (i love comfort)

    well you asked.............hehehehehehehe
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  7. by   Ted
    . . . . . that this poll and set of questions are directed towards females??????

    I went to answer it and I couldn't identify with any of the choices.

    Oh well . . . . . .


  8. by   CashewLPN
    sorry Ted.... lemmie ammend the poll... (thank god for the 10 choices) and, yes, you can vote more than once....
  9. by   Ted
    I was only kidding. . .

    I picked "I wear a bra" just to be silly . . . .

  10. by   nakitamoon
    To quote Micro,,,,, "only when I have too"

    As I'm walking in the door from work,,,,, bra is coming off,,,, as shoes are,,,,,,

    Don't put it back on till next shift,,,, sigh,,,unless I have to,,,,,,

    Will put on large tee shirt of hubby's to go to store,,,,,, anything to keep from putting that bra back on!!!!!

    Little tee's,,,,, camasoles,,,,, yes,,, wear those,,,,, In summer,,,, boxers,,,,, cotton,,,, little tee,,,,, Have to pry my out of house,,,, Take my days off seriously,,,,, lol,,,,,, to far inbetween them,,,,,,
    ~~~ no bra,,,,,, moon
  11. by   hollybear
    would never wear one if i could get away with it
  12. by   delirium
    Ok, I WISH I didn't have to wear a bra, but these puppies are just a bit too big to run around free. I'd put somebody's eye out (probably my own).
    So, I usually wear a supportive bra while I'm at work/school/public.
    When I come home, its the first thing that comes off.
    Actually, I looove being nekkid and I rarely wear clothes, of any kind, at home.
  13. by   shygirl
    I have to wear one. When I get home, it's the first thing to come off!
    I always wear one when I leave the house. But I love taking that thing off when I get home!

  15. by   adrienurse
    Genetics dictates that I have to wear a bra. No other options in the matter. I wear one all the time unless I'm sleeping or lounging in my PJs.

    Shopping for bras makes me disgruntled. I have bloodfeuds going on with some of the stores here. Makes me sound real posh, but I can only wear a certain bra that is imported from Belgium. Fits me well without making it look like I'm concealing torpedos. If it isn't pretty, or doesn't make me feel sexy, I don't wear it.:chuckle