1. In browsing tonight, I came across this story and was wondering if I'm the only one appalled? (I'm betting NOT)


    It is hard enough to try to teach my kids to enjoy life without endangering themselves . . . but with a neighbor like this, who needs enemies. Or is she just crazy?

    sigh . ..
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  3. by   aimeee
    Now where's that pukey smilie when I need it? Definitely missing quite a few marbles. Yuck.
  4. by   Disablednurse
    When my brother was 16yo, he worked in a grocery store, they had a party and he went. He was encouraged to go by my father because he was in line to be manager when he graduated from HS. The hostess served alcohol to all the underaged people there. My brother drank too much (he swears that someone slipped him a mickey, and they may have), had a wreck in his car and was picked up by the police. They were friends of his and just called mom and dad to come get him. Mama told my brother to be sure to tell this woman that she was going to take care of her the next time she came in the store to get groceries. The next week, mom went to buy her groceries and the woman went and hid in the bathroom until mama left the store. We thought it was a hoot, because we knew that mama would not do anything. It did scare her to death, though.
  5. by   SingingNurse2
    There was a guy in my school whose parents would throw parties for he and his brother and they provided every kind of alcohol imaginable. The only responsible thing about them is they would encourage kids to sleep over if they drank too much. I can't imagine doing that for my kids.