1. Remember that hospital CEO who wrote the artical about CEO's arenot from Mars?....can't remember the name of the thread that was under just recently....anyhoo....l fired of a cryptic msg in response to that artical and l got an answer from this CEO...get a load of this "professional".......here is his response:

    Subj: Re: Health Care CEO's are NOT from Mars.......
    Date: 12/31/02 11:59:27 AM Pacific Standard Time
    From: Janrjenn@jeffersonregional.com
    Sent from the Internet (Details)

    Hey . . . I looked up the word "cynic" and Goddammit . . . there was
    your photograph! People who are fault finding and wallow in their own
    self-interest rarely make much of an impact. I wish you well . . .

    This was my original msg that he was responding to:
    12/26 3:09 PM >>> Hospital CEO's are not from Mars,
    They are from hell!...Talk is cheap...nurses are not. No wonder your
    resolutions are ALL about what you are going to SAY...and not what you
    going to PAY...typical, and you still just don't get it. Poor you,
    for budget. Poor us, fighting for the patients...you know, the ones
    provide your high salaries. Put your money where your mouth is if you
    sincere and forget these stupid articals......Sincerely, L. R.

    maybe someone can provide the link to the original thread with the artical.........thanks......LR
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    Here's the orginal thread lrae.


    I am absolutedly amazed at how unprofessional his reply is too
  5. by   Q.
    Can I write them back? I'm in the mood.
  6. by   l.rae
    hey susy, just click on his e-mail addy above in my post...should get you right to him...l did write him back and tell him l posted his response on the largest nursing website in the world...probably wouldn't hurt to mention where you read this...he will know l am not foolin......his response to that was..."i'm shaking in my shoes"....there was more, l will pull it up and post it later...it just gets better......yeah...i'd really want to work for him....right...LR
  7. by   Q.
    WTF are you serious? And this is a CEO, who is being paid six figures and can't even respond in an intelligent manner? I know there are idiots out there, but THIS is too much. I think her response should be shown to patients all over the place, so they can see how the hospital responds to nursing's concerns.

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    Dammit, where's Stargazer?

  9. by   aus nurse
    My gawd, you can certainly see how much he values his staff can't you?
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    I just shot him a letter.
  11. by   l.rae
    thanks guys, l really appreciate your support, l will look for the second response l got from him...anybody know who HIS boss is?.......LR
  12. by   Robin61970
    This is all I have found so far.......

    Jan R. Jennings
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    David Hirsh
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Jefferson Regional Medical Center

    Tom Timcho
    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Robert Horn
    Senior Vice President

    Sr. Nancy Hupert, C.S.J.
    Vice President

    Ronald Boron, MD
    Vice President, Medical Affairs

    Janet Cipullo
    Vice President, Ambulatory, Ancillary and Diagnostic Services

    Mary Ann Farmerie
    Vice President, Patient Care Services

    Robert Frank
    Vice President, Financial Services

    James Hoover
    Vice President, Human Development

    Jerry Silver
    Vice President, Physician Support Services

    Here is the site........
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    Originally posted by Susy K
    Can I write them back? I'm in the mood.
    GO SUZY, GO SUZY, go get 'em girl. You can do it like no one can (except perhaps, Heather, Shay and Vegas (with her big purse)!)
  14. by   l.rae
    My reply to this professional response was:

    l posted your reply on the largest nursing website in the world.....l still say put your money where your mouth is....oh, l looked up hypocrit...guess who's picture l saw???????/ L R

    His response....uhh...maybe a tad better:

    Subj: Two Much Lip . . .
    Date: 1/1/03 6:43:40 PM Pacific Standard Time
    From: Janrjenn
    CC: Jts 58, Janrjenn

    Hey . . . you have me shaking in my boots. You know nothing about me or our institution. And, we do put our money where our mouth is. I convinced the Board of Directors to budget a $ 3,500,000 deficit so we could pay our nurses above the market and provide a list of incentives and benefits most hospitals would never consider.

    So, how about you getting on an airplane and flying here to visit with us. I will pay your expenses myself. No, I will not put it on the back of the hospital . . . I will pay your travel expenses out of my own pocket. So I will put my money where my mouth is. Will you put your time where your mouth is or will you continue to wallow in your cynicism.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jan Jennings

    so anyone out there wanna work for this *&$!%..?...NOT ME!