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  1. A Ukrainian nurse is coming to live in Tennessee. Her schooling was two years there. She speaks some English but is not fluent. What is the best way for her to become credentialed in the US? Since she is not fluent in English, though she is taking English lessons every week, what is your advice on what she should do? She is entering the US under a K-1 visa and will be eligible to work when she has passed required testing. Any suggestions or ideas or links to other websites would be greatly appreciated! Thank you VERY much.
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    She will have to present her education to the Tennessee Boards and see what they say. She will most likely have to reboard, and because English isnt her mother tongue, will also have to be tested on her english skills as well. Having her take the classes certainly puts her ahead. English is a difficult to learn but with time she will do fine. The majority of the issues on ability to work will depend on the board of nursing and thier ability to decifer her education skills on the practice. If she was trained by a University and has a BS degree or higher then she may be up to the American standards of education. If she doesnt hold a degree to that extent then she may have to return to school and start from scratch.
    I do hope that helps.