Uk ...x Factor!!!

  1. Hey guys, for those in the UK, you KNOW that the wee boy from Whitburn won! For those abroad, it's a Simon Cowell thing, same as Pop idol. Saturday nite, prime time viewing, vote for your favourite stuff, complete with Sharon Osbourne, Danni Minogue etc as judges.

    Such a surprise final, between Rhydian, who is fab and will have a great future, (think Il Divo, but just with one fantabulous voice!)

    BUT...OMG, the wee boy, aged 18, sings swing like a pro, lives up the road from me, well, he WON!!!! The only one I phone voted for, and he was so overcome, he's only a baby, and he wanted to win for his Mammy!!!!!!

    Urge you all, try to find on t'internet, Leon Jackson..singing "When You Believe!" ( song was in the movie Prince of Egypt). this will be a chart no 1 at Xmas in the UK. The Boy Done Good! Well done wee guy!

    Scotland is so proud of our boy! He's a star!
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