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  1. In an internet poll on the BBC website to name the greatest ever American, Abraham Lincoln narrowly lost out to Homer Simpson!
    There's a debate on this evening (0900pm GMT) on what the World thinks of America. 11 countries participating, I hope they take the debate more seriously than the poll!

    It's on the website.

    I'm off to watch.
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    Are they joking?
  4. by   Whisper
    I missed the show! I saw some of the trailers and it looked like the US isn't very high on most people Christmas lists.

    A similar show was broadcast on the local radio recently, and the US was blamed for evrything from Big macs to the new focus on the war against terrorism.

    Please don't flame me, they weren't my views just views expressed, a lot of people ahve a very low opinion of the US.

    I didn't really have that much of an opinion on the US as a whole, I talk to a lot of Americans on the web and for the majority you all seem sane well rounded people

    The US shoiuld not become a scapegoat, even if I do blame it for the state of my spelling most of the time. I mean how exactly doi you spell colour???! ;D
  5. by   Mkue
    There are some groups/ppl who hate America, one is Al-qaeda.

    I can think of some wonderful Americans, we are rich in culture, education and very diverse. I don't know if I could pick only "one" greatest American, there are several.

  6. by   rreed
    color (or that is the way I was taught)

    I travel alot and I never tell people that I'm from America, they just have a different opinion about you if they find that out, I normally tell them I'm Canadian or when I was in Nepal I told some I was from Sweden, they didn't know the difference.

  7. by   fergus51
    It's on in Canada at 9PM and I am interested to see it. As a dual citizen I often feel like an outsider looking at each country's opinion of the other.

    The best editorial I have read in a long time about how America has lost some of its oldest friends said something to the effect that America is a different country since Sept. 11; Canadians, and Americans for that matter, need to realize it.
  8. by   donmurray
    Here's the poll result from the BBC.

    It was on the net, so it was international, then they drew up a top ten from the initial proposals posted, and people voted!

    Who is the greatest American?
    Homer Simpson
    Abraham Lincoln
    Martin Luther King Jnr
    Mr T
    Thomas Jefferson
    George Washington
    Bob Dylan
    Benjamin Franklin
    Franklin D Roosevelt
    Bill Clinton
    37,102 Votes Cast
    Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    This has GOT to be a joke.
  10. by   Ted
    Is it a joke??

    I hope that people from other countries can seperate the American citizenry from the current batch of American policy makers.

    By the way. . . Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. got my vote!
  11. by   Tookie
    I beleive that we all have cultural preuidices about other countries unless we have been there or we know people from there - After all many people think that we have kangeroos hopping down the main street and Koala up the back yard tree (Sadly not true) - Until we either share our knowledge of ourselves with each other cultural prejuidices will always come out -
    As an Australian I think this is the greatest place on earth - and most Australian people are good people and l am proud to be one of only 20 million odd people - However there are times when you cant help but be embarrashed by the way we are seen or represented over seas - Now for example poeple that you know in general of Australia would be our actors - of which we have quite a number over there -
    We also have many other professions who work over seas and are well known in their field - ie Medical, astronmy, IT etc -

    Sadly so much that is represented to us about USA is in films or TV shows, both free to air and Pay TV. - We read widely, a lot of Australains are on the net- so we get the weird and whacky of the US

    In many ways we have prejuidices or other of other countries here (and l am sure othere countries have prehuidices about each other) - ie - the Poms all whinge (not true - I lived there ) the NZ's all want to move to OZ - not true - there are still some over there - Canadians arent any good at swimming - not true they beat us occaisionally

    Can you see the point l am trying to make

    To me the way of breaking down prejuidices and making people aware of the culture and history of any place in the world is by being open to new ideas and be willing to learn about each other --- then my husband tells me that l sometimes gives people too much credit some people will never change and will always have sterotypes in their minds about people

    For me - I think this is a great way of learning about each other

    Long rave sorry

  12. by   fergus51
    Did you see the show? The results were very interesting. The surprising part was how differently Americans see themselves as opposed to how the rest of the world sees America.

    The bottom line was most countries in the survey like certain qualities that America has (innovation, freedom, opportunities, music) and like Americans in general, but aren't fans of much of Bush and America's foreign policy (except for Israel of course).

    The joke here has always been if you ask a Canadian what they think of America he'll give you a 5 minute long answer. But, when it goes the other way, what do Americans think about Canada? The answer is: not much at all
  13. by   kermit27
    I can tell you that I was one of dozens if not hundreds of people who received an email encouraging me to "reprimand the BBC for dumbing down - vote for Homer Simpson". This is typical of many of my British friends for its twisted sense of humor and its irony. To them it has more to do with disgust with the BBC than with any real opinions about America.

    Also, I actually saw the poll on the website (and voted for Dr. ML King as well )and was very suspicious about the creation of the "shortlist". There was no statistical information about the numbers of people who responded, the dates the votes were collected etc. etc. BBC is one of my regular checks each day and I never saw anything about the shortlist creation.

    Finally, very few Brits I know (and I live here surrounded by them) have anything but the most basic knowledge of American history, so the inclusion of Ben Franklin & Thomas Jefferson, seems a bit suspect. I think it was a set up.
  14. by   Ted
    I'm very weary of these kind of polls. CNN. FOX. MSNBC. All have these type of polls somewhere on their web sites.

    And all of them have no scientific proof of the opinions of the general public; they're not scientifically based by anyone's standards. Yet, they parade the results of these polls on their web-sites and television stations, making only a minor reference to the fact that they're not scientifically based. . . hidden deep somewhere for little to find.

    All of these type of polls are a set up in my opinion.

    Argghh. . . . .