UK is scared of Saskatoon berries?

  1. Apparently they think the berries are dangerous. I had to laugh when I saw this. These are the same people who will eat eels or deep fried mars bars, but they are worried about berries? I love them! My grandma makes the best Saskatoon berry pie in all of Canada....
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  3. by   donmurray
    We have Health and Safety regs. to die for...or not! lol
  4. by   adrienurse
    I've been eating them all my life and look how I turned out
  5. by   UK2USA
    I have never heard of these berries!!! Are they known by any other name?? The food standards agency here can be a little odd, especially since we are now governed by European food legislation. This has had implications on all sorts of things, including how curved bananas should be!!! The world is going mad and God has hidden the medication
  6. by   fergus51
    I think that's their only name. They certainly aren't well known. Even people in Ontario often don't know what they are. I am looking forward to having some in a few weeks when I go for a visit. Mmmmmm.... pie....
  7. by   Ted
    What does the pie taste like? Sweet? Sour?

    Sounds really good! Know where I can purchase a piece in the states?

    Ummmmmmmmmm! Pie!

  8. by   fergus51
    It's kind of like blueberries. Sweet, but not grossly so. I haven't had any in years and since I found out I was going to the prairies for vacation I have been thinking about it..... Mmmmm..... Saskatoon berry pie with vanilla ice cream..... and maybe some twisters too! Mmmmm.....
  9. by   OCCHCanada
    Easterners sometimes call them wild pears - ya I know- they look everything like a blueberry.
  10. by   fergus51
    Wild pears? That's wierd considering they don't look or taste anything like pears
  11. by   donmurray
    Why are they spelled differently than the province? Is there a connection?
  12. by   fergus51
    Don, the province is Saskatchewan. The main city is Saskatoon and the berries are spelled the same as the city's name since they are found in the area. Useless fact for the day
  13. by   fergus51
    Well, it looks like Canada is going to fight back on this one! LOL! National pride is at stake! Like the man says, if it's good enough for your/our Royalty, it should be good enough for commoners .... 2 more weeks and I'll be scarfing them down!

    Sask. minister in a jam over U.K. berry ban
    Last Updated Tue, 08 Jun 2004 15:22:35
    REGINA - A dispute over a little Canadian berry looked to be escalating into a major transatlantic jam on Tuesday, as Saskatchewan's agriculture minister threatened retaliation against the U.K. over a food warning.

    Britain's Food Standard Agency has taken saskatoon berry products off store shelves and ordered a full pre-market safety evaluation, saying there's no evidence the berries are safe to eat.

    Saskatchewan's agriculture minister Mark Wartman said the Royal Family eat saskatoons when they visit, and if the berries are good enough for the royals, they should be good enough for commoners.

    FROM MAY 7, 2004: Britain plucks saskatoon berries from store shelves

    Wartman said his government has written to the federal government asking for "steps to be taken."
    But taking his cue from the famous Boston Tea Party that marked the American Revolution, he threatened more radical action could be taken in Regina.

    "If it really comes down to it, we're thinking of having a special time out in Wascana Harbour, where we may be dumping tea – English Breakfast tea – and we could be dumping steak-and-kidney pie … We could be dumping HP Sauce …," Wartman said.

    "We're not going to take this lying down," he warned.

    The saskatoon berry is the small purple fruit of a shrub found in North America, particularly in the northwest of Canada, and has been grown commercially since the late 1960s.

    Widely used for centuries by aboriginals, the berries are used in Canada for things such as jam, pie and cider. Canadian officials insist they are safe to eat.

    The fruit is exported to the United States and Japan but has no history of consumption in Europe.

    Written by CBC News Online staff
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  14. by   karenG
    never heard of them!!!! sounds like a cunning plan to make us go out and try and buy the things!!

    and for the record............jellied eels.......yuk! but I do like pie and liquor!