Uh, Oh! It's Not Looking Good!

  1. Is anyone watching the live news conference of GWB and Tony Blair, after their meeting with other allies? If not, GWB has just announced that "Monday is the moment of truth". I would post the link, but it is still in progress! You can go to www.foxnews.com and check out the News Alert. When it is finally posted I WILL PASTE A LINK! Sounds like WAR to me! Any other thoughts?
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  3. by   ucandoit
    LAJES, Azores Islands -President Bush and allied leaders agreed on one final attempt to win world backing Monday for the swift disarmament of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. "Tomorrow is a moment of truth for the world," the president said at a Sunday summit with allies.

    "Now we make a final appeal to make a strong, unified message on behalf of the international community," said British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who met with Bush and the leaders of Spain and Portugal in the Atlantic island summit.

    Bush urged other nations to support "the immediate and unconditional disarmament" of the Iraqi leader. France, Germany and Russia have opposed an additional United Nations resolution to set an ultimatum for the Iraqi leader to disarm. And efforts to win the votes of uncommitted nations at the U.N. Security Council faltered in recent days.
  4. by   jnette
    Yep...the moment of truth is at hand....let us pray.
  5. by   jemb
    Am I missing something? The March 17 deadline was set a long time ago. I listened to GWB's speech this am and really heard nothing new, except the way it was worded.

    I guess I was expecting the final ultimatum from him today.

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  6. by   mageean
    The British Foreign Secretary is making a statement to the parliament at 7pm tonight (British time). I anticipate him saying we are at war.
  7. by   sbic56
    Today will go down in history as a very, very sad day for America.
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    I'm praying for all those in the military and their families. I also pray for those forced to live under such a torturous regime as those in Iraq. As a child I lived three years in Turkey, what a total difference. Made me glad even then to have the fortune of being born in America.
    God speed to those in harm's way.
  10. by   ayemmeff
    Originally posted by sbic56
    Today will go down in history as a very, very sad day for America.
    and the rest of the world.