uh-oh, a disasters brewing...

  1. I did NO prep-work for today, no problem, dinner is planned for 6.

    I was up & down all night with a migraine.

    Then I overslept...

    The 25 pound turkey that needed to be in the oven by 10 is still floating in the sink half frozen.

    My house is filthy.

    I have 20 people coming including the other half of my impending Grandson's gene pool.

    I don't think there is going to be any wine left for dinner.
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    LOL!! It's okay, it will all work out. It always does! And if it doesn't, you'll laugh about it next year!
  4. by   kids
    Its getting better by the minute Vegas...

    I was giving birdzilla a nice warm sitz bath, it slid over the drain, I came back in the kitchen to find the place flooded...oh well, at least that part of the kitchen is really clean.

    #2 son is in the bathroom blow drying the bird.

    heard a comotion in the living room (10 cats and 2 dogs)...followed the bloody trail to find *somebody* swiped the turkey liver.
  5. by   debyan
    You will be fine, use a renolds turkey bag and it will take 3 1/2 hrs if you don't stuff the turkey it takes half and hour off the baking time. We already ate. I can't get the cork out of my wine. I have to wide a lip on the bottle for my cork screw I 'll get in it somehow only have my sons here now and their friend who has colored his goatee and eyebrows blue:0 Good Luck deb
  6. by   emily_mom
    Send your kids out for more wine....

  7. by   kids
    OK, things are coming together...

    I baked the blackberry & cherry pies while thawing the bird enough to pry the innards out of it.

    Bird is now in the oven, crammed into my biggest roaster, heavily sealed in foil with the oven @ 450.

    I'm going to do the stuffing seperate...I can take some of the drippings from the bird to flavor it.

    Petzyme removed the gore from the carpet.

    The buffet tables are up, table cloths are 'fluffing' in the dryer.

    And most importantly, there is still wine let for dinner.
  8. by   shygirl
    Glad things are getting better!
  9. by   Vsummer1
    I talked to my brother yesterday about what time he wanted us to come over. He said 4 o'clock dinner, so I figured we would go at 3. I just called to see about last minute things he might need and got told they are eating in 15 minutes (at 2:30!) because things went too well!

    Anyway we are not ready to leave yet, and my neice and other brother haven't arrived yet either. So, it looks like two separate servings... BUT ...

    I have the pies... they can eat without me but they can't have pie!!
    Hope everything turned out OK!

  11. by   ptnurse
    O.K. kids-r-fun, it is 8 p.m. How did dinner go??
  12. by   Lausana
    Hope all turned out well...and that you saved a little wine for your guests
  13. by   tattooednursie
    I'm sure glad things are going well. I feel like a dumb dumb this year because I didnt cook anything. I supplied the whipped cream lol if that does any good, I just wanted to make sure that there was whippin cream, or else I would have had a cow . . . Pie without whippin cream? *cringes*

    This years thanks giving was interesting . . . I made a promise to one family that I would be at their house, but I had also, along time ago made a promise to another family so one Thanksgiving was eaten at noon and the next was at 5. I ate like a PIG at both. I think I'm about ready to explode. lol
  14. by   vashka25
    Hope everything went well...... inquiring minds want to know!