TY's:Everyone check this out!

  1. As a fairly recent member to the forum I wanted to publically express my thank yous!

    This past week I had a b-day. I often do not like to remember my b-day in particular because I tend to expect more than I receive. I hype it up then become dissappointed that it wasn't so special.

    This year was very different! It was the best b-day ever!!!

    Several Premium members have attributed to a great week and a new spirit for nursing practice for me. I want to give them KUDOS!

    Fun2care-thanks for participating in our adventure when you were having a bad day. I felt honored when you took the time to have some fun.

    Weetziebat-thanks so very much for plugging up your toilet so we could have an adventure. I might change professions to plumbing now! LOL:chuckle

    Everyone else...a heart felt thank you if you participated or enjoyed our travels!

    JNETTE!!!!Most of all. I give her the smiley award for making me smiley, giggle and out right become incontinent with all of her smileys.

    Anyone got some Kleenex?

    All of these people are premium members that deserve the biggest hugs and kisses for bringing some well deserved endorphins to me.:kiss
    PS: Thanks to brian for getting this web site up and for the update.
    And to our MOD-siri.

    I now have some happiness to get me through those tough nursing times....TEAR.
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  3. by   sjb2005
    just making a reply to keep this at the top of discussion today
  4. by   sjb2005
    keeping this one up front until some one cares!
  5. by   sjb2005
    angie....I can't forget you! just missed you in chat but you've got some knack for humor!!!! How's the onions for halloween? Come back to chat before I get too tired.
  6. by   sjb2005
    Ok, I'll keep talking to myself just to keep this thread on the top of the list.....I hope I can stay up long enough....DETERMINATION!!!!:smiley_ab
  7. by   Katnip
    Aww how sweet. I have to admit I got lost during the adventure and couldn't keep up, but it was FUN to read. LOL you're right about Jnette.
  8. by   sjb2005
    Thanks cyberkat....I hope you did get some LOL. I want to keep this top priority as long as I can.!!!!!
  9. by   sjb2005
    Can you say FILABUSTER?
    I might not have the right spelling LOL
  10. by   Katnip
    I don't know how to spell it either, Shelly, so it's safe with me.

    You know, I couldn't keep up because of Jnette's crazy driving.
  11. by   sjb2005
    I will not let my premium members down...They deserve top priority....I'm on a mission from GOD!! :angel2:
    Help me gang!
  12. by   sjb2005
    Fun2care was delegated to drive the shuttle...LOL she did a good job
    Mission from god...fore score and 7 yrs ago....kripes That's all I remember....Keep it going Cyber...Help me out...Thanks!!!
  13. by   jnette
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh !!! THIS thread !!! I get it now !

    Hey... you are MORE than welcome, Shelly. We are glad we were able to make your Birthday special for you. And glad you found us here in the breakroom.

    It IS a special place with special ppl... US ! ...and a place to which all are welcome to come hang out and laugh, cry, vent, encourage, and BE encouraged.

    (((((((((((((((((((HUGS, Shelly)))))))))))))))))))
  14. by   sjb2005
    Jnette- hope you enjoyed...
    I'm getting tired keeping this to the front...I want the other visitors to know what they are missing....keep it going...I might fall asleep LOL