Two Repulican Women Senators from

  1. Maine.....

    Check it out...
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  3. by   Whisper
    America didn't do this allready??
    Guess you learn something new every day after all
  4. by   3651bht
    Maine had to step in and set things right.....

  5. by   Whisper
    The Americams decided to follow the British again
  6. by   3651bht
    bite yuur tongue.... All we ever "took" from you was your language and then we messed that up too....

  7. by   Whisper
    at least we agree on one thing
  8. by   donmurray
    bobbi, we here were so glad when youall sorted out that Presidential election thing, in the event of a draw, you would have reverted to "colony" status, and we don't need the grief of staightening you out!
  9. by   3651bht
    now I have a new mission.. How far do you suppose I'll get with this one...Revert to a colony instead of an empire... Be still my beating heart...

  10. by   Whisper
    Is there something wrong with ex common wealth countries Bobbi? (I'd be carefull how you answer that, don't anoy your neighbours!) Or the Empire which was right for that time and place,
    I get the feeling you are a bit annoyed that you didn't have an empire first.
  11. by   prn nurse
    but, if I were you and all the other females on this BB, I would take one minute and go back and read that article. Then, I would think about exactly what it is that these two home senators have achieved. Then, I would take another minute, and go back and read it again. I would do this about a half dozen times. And then, I would ask myself, "exactly how many federal dollars has my two senators brought into my state with this bill?" This is politics at its' worst. The senators oughta be ashamed and embarrassed if this is the best they can do for their state, or for the nation. They asked for and received crumbs. Since Sept. 11, the front pages have been full of signed bills sending 400 million dollars for this and 100 mill for that, ( I will take time tonight to read some front page archives and be specific). But the gist is, we have spent >4 billion dollars in four months. And your senators are mugging it up with the prez for photo's for the newspapers and constituents back home and for what? Why not CANCEL all loan fees for reservists? Why not say, "Look, instead of sending Israel $7,000,000,000 (seven billion dollars) this year, let send them $6,500,000,000 (six and a half billion) and cancel the school loans for our reservists? Now, that would be an achievement. I am a women's libber from way back. But these women did not do much. The boys on the hill simply said, "Let's give the girls something to take home," It is a cheap gift ,,,,cheap, cheap, cheap...and the girls should be embarrassed . We can force the boys to let us play the game, but they STILL do not allow us to share in the winnings.
  12. by   3651bht
    we are an empire and act like one...

  13. by   3651bht
    you could probably put them together and make one loaf of bread.. And what other crumbs did any other senators get for out soldiers??????????????????

    May the sun shine brightly on you, in peace, and may the wind be always at your back or something like that. At least they are helping the living..
  14. by   3651bht
    I can hear the applause now...