Twins seperated at birth for study


    This makes me sick and angry. Angry that one person decided that he could control and seperate twins. Who the heck does he think he is? So unethical. Where is the Psychiatric Association in this? You cannot pick and choose. These are real people with real lives.
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  3. by   Tweety
    I agree. Quite appalling. Interesting stroy.
  4. by   fergus51
    At the time what they did was perfectly legal I'm sure. Once the birth mother put them up for adoption she had no say in whether they'd stay together or not. It's sad. Things are very different today, though siblings are still often separated I can't imagine twins would be.
  5. by   zooz
    That is appalling. A little (or maybe a lot) Truman Show-ish, no?

    Also, I can't believe they are going to wait until 2066 to release the results of this study -- meaning that these twins probably will not live to see the results of the study which they were separated for in the first place! (Most likely the researchers thinking, I'm guessing.)

    Despicable. :angryfire
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  6. by   indigo girl
    Despicable, outrageous, are just some of the words that come to mind.
    I can not believe that this was considered ethical. I am all for research but
    so often I am reading about researchers putting their needs first, and the
    good of everyone else that will be impacted by that research last. I am
    appalled by what was done and the loss of a shared childhood experienced
    by those two women. If it were me, I would pursue it legally. I would make
    sure that those researchers and the adoption agencies involved were publicly
    known so that everyone would see what kind of decisions that they had made
    involving those children. I would make a lot of NOISE!!!

    To atone for what they have done, those adoption agencies should at the very
    least, try to contact all of those twins and triplets involved and let them know
    of their siblings' existence.

    As for the researchers, I would go after that research legally, even if I was dead by the time
    it got published. I would make sure that when it was published, if I had to wait that long, that
    everyone would know what it cost those kids, and how unethical the research was. There is probably
    a way to do this, and I would not give up until I found it.
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  7. by   CHATSDALE
    i could not get this to run..was this a recent decsion..who decided to separate these twins . i sounds horrid to me
  8. by   zooz
    Quote from CHATSDALE
    i could not get this to run..was this a recent decsion..who decided to separate these twins . i sounds horrid to me
    Here's an article, Dale.
  9. by   bethin
    They treated this 'subjects' like puppies. Once a puppy is big enough, it can go to another home without repurcussions.

    Here's the kicker - we're not dogs. When I took psych and studied the various methods of research, I learned that it is unethical to cause harm. First do no harm?? I would sue the pants off of anyone that had a hand it this. They're people!
  10. by   fergus51
    At the time they were born, separating siblings placed for adoption probably wasn't all that unusual. My parents were asked if they would be willing to accept twins when they were waiting to adopt. There must have been issues about that with some families or the agency wouldn't have asked.