1. Geeze I'm pensive this Sunday. Have had nothing to do but sit and think, since calling in sick today (I have a cold!)

    Maybe I'm just having some kind of mid-twenties crisis. I freaked out last year when I turned 25, and my birthday's coming up again.

    Am I the only one who feels that there is a total lack of twentysomething rolemodels out there that have their s*** together? Anytime I accomplish something personally or professionally, I feel like I'm wading into uncharted territory. My friends are no help, they're in the same situation as I am. Sick of being told I'm "just a kid", but not willing to give up habits from the university years.

    I am responsible, independent, a loyal employee. I do not still sponge off my parents. I have my own home, my own things, I invest in my education, my retirement. I pay my taxes.

    Have to fight to be taken seriously, hesitant to take more advanced jobs because I "haven't finished paying my dues" in bedside nursing. Who wants to be told what to do by a "kid"anyway.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Adrie, I clearly remember being "lost" in my 20s decade. I also remember very well feeling life all fell into place somewhere around 30-31 for me. You sound like you really got it all together ...much more so than I ever did at 25, 26. Don't despair. You are on a good path....and you do not need a role model to find your way. Best wishes toyou!
  4. by   live4today
    I was much much too busy to even THINK about being in my twenties since by your age, adrie, I was already a wife and mother to three children. By the time I could finally breathe a little, I was well into my thirties, and wondering "where did all the time go" I'm beginning the countdown in my fifties, and am anxious to enjoy every minute of it. Guess we all have different experiences during different age phases at different times in our lives.

    You may feel out of sorts now in your twenties because of your desire to marry and have a family of your own, so by the time that happens, your thirties will probably fly by so fast you'll wonder what happened to them. :kiss
  5. by   WalMart_ADN
    hmm i start my 20's decade tomorrow, i'll let you know. but so far...i know how you feel about having to fight to be taken seroiusly. If i get ONE MORE 'OH ISN'T THAT NICE, THEY STILL USE CANDY STRIPERS UP HERE" comment, so help me God, all hell will break loose on my unit. How many candy stripers wear a stethoscope around thier neck, push IV meds, and draw your kids blood?
  6. by   MPHkatie
    Personally, I do think things fall into place as you move along in life. I would also say, to just go for the advancement in the career you seem to want- Have confidence and carry yourself like an adult and you will be treated as one.

    My own example. At 22, I had a Masters Degree and worked as a Supervisor in the Education Field. I told lots of people waay older than me "what to do" and in general they did it. It really is all in how you percieve yourself. And how you percieve your job- you have it phrased as telling people what to do- so thus it looks really immense. Perhaps looking at those positions as assisting others to get their jobs done more efficiently would be a useful way to look at it- less authoritative and more friendly (though you would be basically doing the same thing) and yes, if you are wondeirng why I left such a "prestigious position" to become a nurse, I was a bit tired of making 25K a year only.... We eat a lot better now at my house, and I remain a bedside RN because I never take work home with me.....
  7. by   MPHkatie
    you are too funny, I am wondering what it says about the parents if they are allowing a person whom they believe is a candy striper to draw blood and give medications!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing sooooo hard right now. thank you.
  8. by   nursegoodguy
    Trust me... there's something waiting for you in every decade... When I was starting my 20's nobody took me seriously and everyone said I was just a kid. (even though both parents had died, I was living on my own doing all the adult things blah blah blah) When I hit my 30's I decided I needed more money to pay off the bills I'd made in my 20's so I pretty much worked my 30's away. Now that I've hit 40 I deal with this chronic pain from breaking bones in my back in a wreck when I was in my... 30's... I've found that the only thing that really makes a difference is my attitude! Some days it's good and some days...
    Just try to appreciate and enjoy your twenties in spite of everyone else!

    Oh yeah forgot one thing... at 40 I'm trying to have some of the fun that I missed out on from my 20's because I was being too serious even though people still thought I was a kid...
  9. by   hapeewendy
    they say that every age group has their own struggles and challenges and issues to face burdens to bare etc etc
    well I have never felt the way I feel now . I'm 25 and I feel completely disillusioned and disassociated. The disillusion part comes from the fact that years ago I figured my life would entirely different at 25 then I find it being .
    I figured that I would be married, starting a life with someone , happy in my career etc
    I find however that I am more alone than I have ever felt, wondering if all the things I want my life to be will happen and trying to gain perspective when everyone says "well youre only 25". Its such a catch 22, yes I am young, yet I still get asked so frequently when I'm gonna get married or when I'm gonna start "having babies"
    on the other hand people tell me to live it up while I can , be young when youre still young, dont settle .
    the disassociated part was a stark revelation I made this weekend at a friends BBQ. I sat facing the people who had been so vitally important to me in junior high, highschool and parts of college and I literally had nothing to say to them.
    I have changed, grown , matured, expanded my opinions and my thoughts beyond the superficial and surface. I dont feel part of things anymore.
    Talking about cars and gossiping about who is with who etc just doesnt appeal to me anymore.
    I have been wondering about my place in this world, and my place in my own life for that matter.
    my mother always said that I was an old soul and too mature for my age, but having hit 25 years old you wonder where all that time went.
    despite how far we have come in the fact that we are not all "married off" at 17 etc most of my freinds are leaps and bounds ahead of me in their relationships - not commenting on the quality of said relationships - just mentioning that I feel like I am behind in that respect.
    Career wise I am moving in leaps and bounds and yes I'm proud of my accomplishments and happy to be in a profession that I love.
    I just really do not want to be the old spinster with all the cats.
    I do feel as though I am having a mid life crisis of sorts. Not unlike people at my age years before me or people who are approaching any other age.
    there are times where we have to sit and reflect and yes stress about life, what we want , where we are and how to get where we want to be.
    I'm working on it, its just not all that easy.
  10. by   adrienurse
    Wendy you're so eloquent! I relate to what you're saying soo much!
  11. by   live4today
    Wendy...I agree with your mother. You are indeed wise beyond your years! I admire you a lot! Sounds to me like you've really got your head on straight, and know what you want or don't want. Mature wisdom can spare you from a lot of pain in your life. Continue on as you are...the right man for you will take notice...don't you worry about that. :kiss Your day will come to have that wonderful family...I feel it in my will happen for doubt about it! How many children would you like to have, Wendy? What type of husband would you like to have? :kiss
  12. by   subec
    I completely agree with several of the comments made. I'm 27--- 28 in a few weeks---and sometimes I feel like I'm just going in circles.
    After being out in the "real" world for several years---making a good living, paying taxes, etc.---I have decided to go back to school to get my BSN. I can not tell you how many people have looked at me like I have lost my mind when I tell them what I am doing.
    According to these people, I should be concentrating on getting married and having kids. I have also been told that because I haven't "found" the right person yet, my chances are getting slim that I will. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!
    Just because I have chosen to do something that, in the long run, will be a huge benefit to myself, I'm somehow making a mistake?

    In my opinion, had I attempted this degree when I went to college the first time (at 17), I wouldn't have completed it. I am so much more "with it" now than I was then. Not to mention that this time around the money is coming out of my pocket. It means so much more than when my dad was paying for it.

    This is a great topic.
  13. by   stressedlpn
    I turn 25 in a few mos and am already freaking out. isurance goes down I am sure that can be the only good thing about it. by the way how long can I stay 25, I dont know if I can handle 26
  14. by   hapeewendy
    *hugs all around*
    its nice that we have eachother to turn to for support and understanding
    us 20 somethings arent doin so bad afterall!
    I see so many good qualities in all of you just from your posts here!
    life is what happens when ur busy making other plans right? so lets just keep living........
    we can muddle thru it all together!

    and renee - I dont know how many children I want, I just want to be blessed with a family period, whether that means giving birth ,adopting or some combination thereof
    as for the husband thing, do you want the list with subheadings of what I'm looking for or shall I just highlight the important stuff? haha
    actually its really simple - someone who wants to subject himself to me on a daily basis , someone I could sit in silence with comfortably, a good heart , seriously I dont want for much , I guess I'm just stuck in the pattern of meeting and dating people who are not on the same wavelength as I am .... which brings me nice and full circle back to the original topic of the thread - 20 somethings, the 20 somethings I'm surrounded by here are far different from this 20 something
    they say in matters of the heart its either sink or swim and feast or famine
    I better get swimmin and feastin!
    cheers my friends