Twas The Night Before Christmas.. Nursing Style--New Game

  1. Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
    Creepy crawlers were stirring and even a mouse
    My boobs were all hung by the chimney with care
    In hopes that St Nicholas would fill them with air.

    I am no longer able to work, I got decrepid: he's such a jerk
    I loved nursing it was just my style, and now I must move to a place where I can be monitored more closely where other nurses work
    Oh me oh my, and why, I do ask, as I ponder the news
    My nurse gave me today.
    I've maintained my independence for oh so many ways

    No longer will I be able to be here where I now live
    No longer independent, my nurse said it's to keep me safe, she has a lot of empathy to give
    I know she means well, I know that she does, but the news does make my head buzz.
    I now know I have reached another milestone in this life of mine
    Oh well, I have decided to take it as another hill I must climb

    But allnurses, my friends you are, where you are near or whether you are far,
    I will still be able to contact you, and do that I shall, for you are a part of me and remember you I shall
    I love you so much, I cannot leave you
    Even though I'll now be monitored 24 hrs a day
    I still have some living to do
    So for now I must call it a day

    For tired, oh so tired I am
    Pneumonia doesn't want to leave this bod; it gave me a real slam
    So do come on in and make yourselves at home
    And I'll stop by as I'm able, not far shall I roam
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  3. by   Katnip
    Oh Fran. When do you have to go? Will you PM me your new address and phone number? Will you be able to have a computer?