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  1. Hi all,
    I Love this BB. I was reading a post that said that oxyclean was good stuff. So I want to know what other stuff anyone has tried. Like epilstop, nads, George Forman grill and whatever else is out there. Let us know if it is any good.
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  3. by   neonnurse
    Hi, I haven't used oxyclean, but I've used nads and epistop. Money wasters as far as I'm concerned. If you want silky smooth legs, then wax them. I've been waxing for almost 7 years because I was sick of having cactus legs. Don't waste your money on nads/epistop.
  4. by   ClariceS
    I agree about the Nads although it sure smells (and tastes) good. Hurts a lot - unlike what the ad says.
  5. by   Rileycat
    Do not waste any money on Nad's. My mother-in-law tried it...and it doesn't work at all. When she returned it to the store, the cashier laughed and said it didn't work for her either.

    As far as the George Foreman's Grill is concerned, it works well and cooks fast. It is great for apartment dwellers and single people (it is a little small for a big family). I still think food taste best when cooked over a flame, but out of the three electric grills I've tried, the George Foreman works best.
  6. by   moonshadeau
    I use oxyclean. I love it. I use it to scrub down my bathroom tub and it takes like ten minutes and it is done. I also use it on my plastic kitchen sink (which I hate!!!!)because the coffee stains it to a point where you can't tell the color on it anymore. I occasionally use it for my whites, but it doesn't work quite that well to use it for that, and it can discolor colored fabrics like bleach if you goof up.
  7. by   ClariceS
    What does work well is Zap 2000! Great stuff! The water here is very hard and leaves deposits no matter how often you clean. Zap 2000 got those off super easy.
  8. by   JennieBSN
    My sister in law has a g. foreman grill and LOVES it!!

    Hey, just a question, neonnurse...I want to have my legs waxed, but every time I say, 'this time, I'm gonna do it!' I get all impatient waiting for my leg hair to grow out long enough and just say f* it and shave. How long does the hair REALLY have to be? And how in the HELL do you stand letting it grow out for so long without going crazy (or totally grossing out your hubby...)?
  9. by   Stargazer
    kday--that's why I don't wax my legs, either! I couldn't stand to be all stubbly/hairy for weeks at a time.

    Rileycat--thanks for the testimonial on the George Foreman grill. Based on your comments and positive comments from a similar thread on another BB where I post, I bought one last night and was very happy with the first meal I cooked on it (perfectly grilled chicken breasts in 7 minutes!) I think we're going to be very happy together.....
  10. by   Bessie
    Thanks for all of the responses! Does anyone have the turbocooker.
  11. by   night owl
    Never bought anything from those infomercials, but the funniest one I saw was the can of spray paint that you spray on the bald spots or thinning spots of hair on your head. I really don't know what the stuff was that was in that can, but I LMAO when I saw it demonstrated...And I bet people bought it anyway. What they won't sell today...I wonder if the stuff comes in med brown with some grey thrown in it???
  12. by   Jenny P
    My husband is a gadget freak-- if he sees a new kitchen gadget, he wants it. We have the Geo. Foreman grill, and you can do half frozen salmon fillets in 4 minutes, or try sliced red pepers brushed with some olive oil for about 3-4 minutes. Fantastic! We have numerous choppers, slicers, and dicers which may or may not work; the can opener that's not supposed to drop in the food (but may not cut through the metal of some cans); and a whole closet full of things to make cooking easier. Most I wouldn't reccommend, but the G.F. grill is so good we gave some for christmas presents to elderly relatives this year.
  13. by   bestblondRN
    Found OxyClean at Walmart last week for $4.98 and bought some--it's GREAT! It takes stains out, and makes cleaning surfaces (esp. bathrooms) a breeze!
  14. by   hiker
    kday, you are a riot! What the heck is nads? (no additional disgusting skin?) Guess I better get some oxyclean. Do I have to wear heels when I use it? Guess I have to buy some heels, then, too!