TV Host Blows Up Over Firing Of Coach for Verbal and Physical Abuse

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  2. by   herring_RN
    Rutgers coach fired for abuse of players

    Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice was fired after video of him verbally and physically abusing his players went viral on the internet and aired on ESPN. ...
  3. by   tewdles
    This type of "coaching style" went out years is especially not impressive when his actions don't even create a winning team or atmosphere.
  4. by   Kylee B
    If you hurl basketballs and gay slurs at a player, you will be fired. If you bomb police buildings and are convicted of murder, you are hired. Go figure.
  5. by   justin.j
    Quote from Kylee B
    If you bomb police buildings and are convicted of murder, you are hired.
    I think I missed something somewhere, I'm not getting your reference here. However, I'm often "out of the loop" as they say, so it could very well just be me.
  6. by   TopazLover
    Dusting off my soap box
    Many of these big name schools treat their athletes very "special". The coaches seem to be treated even more so. This is not the first coach who has been seen with poor sportsmanship. Bobby Knight will probably hold one spot on that dais, as will Jerry Sandusky. There is a line that coaches need to find. They need to motivate and show appropriate behaviors. Coach K comes to mind.

    Someplace along the way we have looked to the alumni to keep prestige schools going and team sports are part of this legacy. They pay for season tickets and support the school in many ways. They want winning teams. Too often there is a blind eye to the negatives of sports. When the outcome game becomes more important than how the team plays it no longer assists the individual to use skills learned on the court in other areas of life. It used to be that team sports prepared the individual to work better in the work world. Now, I doubt that.

    Hitting, kicking, pushing and attempting to throw a ball into genitalia go beyond boundaries. Anti gay and anti female slurs cannot never be acceptable. He is a teacher first. He violated the rules for all teachers. Bye -Bye.
  7. by   herring_RN
    Mike Rice said, "I was wrong. There is no excuse."
  8. by   Kylee B
    Quote from justin.j
    I think I missed something somewhere, I'm not getting your reference here. However, I'm often "out of the loop" as they say, so it could very well just be me.

    The following were all hired by universities after committing crimes.

    Kathy Boudin, Member of the Weather Underground

    Former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin-who spent 22 years in prison for an armored-car robbery that killed two cops and a Brinks guard-now holds a prestigious adjunct professorship at Columbia University's School of Social Work, The Post has learned.
    While in prison, Boudin's child was adopted by:

    Bill Ayers, member of Weather Underground

    Ayers admitted in a 2001 book that he participated in bombings of the New York City Police Department headquarters, the U.S. Capitol Building and the Pentagon in the early 1970s.

    In an interview in 2001, Ayers said

    ''I don't regret setting bombs,'' Bill Ayers said. ''I feel we didn't do enough.''

    Bill Ayers is married to:
    Bernardine Dohrn, member of Weather Underground

    When talking about pregnant actress Sharon Tate's murder by the Manson clan:

    "Dig It. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim's stomach! Wild!" ..."
    ...after refusing to testify to a federal grand jury in New York investigating the Brinks robbery, Dohrn spent seven months in jail for contempt of court.

    The American Spectator : They're All in This Together

    No Regrets for a Love Of Explosives - In a Memoir of Sorts, a War Protester Talks of Life With the Weathermen -


    Bill Ayers to keynote national teacher conference in February | The Daily Caller

    Former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin now teaches at Columbia School of Social Work -
  9. by   justin.j
    Quote from Kylee B

    The following were all hired by universities after committing crimes.
    See, figured I probably missed something. Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  10. by   TopazLover
    Hiring staff is the prerogative of any facility. Their judgement may include hiring people some might think are not to be hired. The issue being discussed here is the firing of a coach for his current behaviors towards students that he was hired to instruct, including teaching sportsmanship. He failed in his job. He was teaching bullying and using anti minority slurs.

    If you were not involved with the war in Vietnam in some way I doubt you can understand much of what went on in those terrible years. I worked in the VA and saw the results of the war and other wars. Although I was not in the Weathermen or any Underground movement I did speak out about the war and other injustices.

    I taught college and educated nurses without teaching how to bomb. It is entirely possible to be a good educator even if your politics are not mainstream. My job was to teach nursing which I did very well. It did not include political science in any form and I did not engage in any.

    It is not possible to teach and lead a team while showing prejudice, bullying and using violence as a form of punishment. That is what we are discussing.
  11. by   herring_RN
    Huskies glean different message from Rutgers coach's antics

    The abusive actions of former Rutgers men's basketball coach Mike Rice were not lost on Washington football players.
    TODD DYBAS; Staff writer Published: April 7, 2013

    ... The glimpse of Rice's coaching tactics - screaming, intimidating, frothing, insulting - provided a peek into the approach many coaches take. They want to bully their point across.

    "I definitely had coaches, AAU ball, that used crazy language," Washington quarterback Keith Price said. "I wouldn't say put their hands on you, but if they could, they would."
    Wide receiver Kasen Williams said he was a "slow learner" when he arrived at Washington. The depth of the Huskies' playbook and overall adjustment to NCAA Division I football was a challenge for him. He said a volatile approach like Rice's would have forced him to tune out what he needed to learn.

    "That does nothing but push back a relationship between a coach and a player," Williams said. "That makes a player not want to be around the coaches, learn from the coaches because we have that memory of the coach being abusive. ...

    ... Though he doesn't know Rice and pointed out that the video was a small part of thousands of hours of practice, Washington coach Steve Sarkisian used the situation as a reminder to his staff of acceptable parameters in coaching. ...
  12. by   tewdles
    It seems that this country is exeriencing a revolution in civility, even in the midst of an enormous crisis in the middle class well being. As the middle classes are dying they are becoming more compassionate.