Turkey Quiz!!!

  1. are you a turkey mensa member, or just a plain ol' turkey???

    take the quiz below and see!!

    (i only got 10 right!) :d :d :d


    happy [color="sienna"]thanksgiving!!
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  3. by   WickedRedRN
    This is cute, thanks for sharing!

    I got 11/15, so I guess I am an average Turkey, LOL
  4. by   bethin
    I only got 8/20.

    I hate turkey anyway. Dry meat and it always makes me sleepy.
  5. by   prmenrs
    11/20. not that great!
  6. by   TCRNCOB61
    I must not know my turkey..... only 9/20
  7. by   loricatus
    OMG, I got 19/20 and it scares me that it said I am a turkey expert :uhoh21: (guessed at a lot of them & just didn't know the m.p.h. of the average turkey). I gotta get a life.
  8. by   Diary/Dairy
    I got a 9/20 - I need a turkey review.
  9. by   Sabby_NC
    I got 11/20.. I did some purdy good guesses hahahahahaha Gobble gobble gobble LOL
  10. by   mercyteapot
  11. by   Conrad283
    8/10. I'm only in it for the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and corn bread. Everything else is worthless.
  12. by   sirI
  13. by   Diary/Dairy
    Quote from sirI
    Oh My sirI - you sure do know your turkey!
  14. by   sirI
    Quote from diarygirl512
    Oh My sirI - you sure do know your turkey!
    Nah, I'm just a very good guesser! LOL!!!