tummy tuck

  1. Anyone out there who is in plastic surgery? I have some questions about my "procedure" Guess I need to ask my doctor but I just had some questions!
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  3. by   renerian
    Good thread Lynn. I will keep my eyes peeled to learn myself. I have no plastics experience.

    What ya want to know????
  5. by   lynn1967
    Well, I had mine done in August. Actually a HUGE improvement! but you can see a very distinct "ledge" I guess I would call it, where the incision was. A little "poofy" edge (for lack of a better term!) Right along the incision line. Maybe I shouldent complain, like I said, it looks 100 times better. Just wondering if that is normal afterwards.
  6. by   researchrabbit
    I had a tumor removed from my face 15 years ago. The doc made a little "ledge" like you describe because scar tissue tends to sink. Took about a year for it to become even with the rest of my skin (he did a GREAT job -- most people don't even notice it, and it's 1.5 inches long.)

    I am guessing that it would be the same for your tummy tuck.
    Is it on a particular side?, How long have you noticed it? Can you palpate anything in the edge? If so is it hard, soft, textured? Is the site reddend?
  8. by   lynn1967
    Well, it's not reddened. It runs along the length of the incision, but is more pronounced in the middle and thins out to the sides. The only way I can describe it is it's like a little pouchy area and ends abruptly at the incision line. I had a problem with some retained fluid and they aspirated it out but when that happened it was about two weeks after surgery and you could definitly feel it sloshing around (was pretty gross.) It's not hard, just firm, like normal tissue.
  9. by   NancyRN
    I've had a LOT of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

    Go back to your doctor and he'll fix it. There is no telling how a person's body will heal, and as the tissue settles, over the course of about a year, small adjustments have to be made. Plastic surgeons are artists who take pride in perfection!

    My surgeon had me keep my scars taped flat with paper tape for four months. My scars are barely noticeable. I have no idea why all surgeons don't use this tape trick to minimize scarring.
  10. by   Angelica
    I had laser resurfacing two years ago, and a nose job 27 years ago. I've been quite pleased with both procedures. Much depends on the competency of the surgeon and how realistic one's expectations are.