Tuesday oct 22

  1. Happy birthday, AK and [[[[hugs]]]].
    Commuter sorry about that but better now than then. Still, it is not the right way to tell you.My beloved Ceinwen has moved back East to follow her dreams. I sure miss her but I'm happy she can have this opportunity.
    Sabby you mentioned t'other day about the pooches being "tucker out". Maybe you are giving them too much tucker.
    Weather is getting hotter and it's time for cyclones to start brewing. Uh Oh.
    Woohoo!! I am getting a new generator in Dec. Can't wait. So important to have reliable power in such a remote place.
    Booked an airfare to Perth ifor a garden party at Government House in Dec. This is an event to recognise volunteers. Next year I will have been a "vollie" with the RFDS for 50 years.
    Best run the lawnmower over my dial and check on the world.
    Hooroo all Michael
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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Michael and all that comes in for a natter,

    Michael glad you get to go to the garden party at Gov House, I know you will enjoy that and congrats on being a Vollie for 50 years. WOW good for you. Also glad you are getting a new generator I know you will be relieved when that one arrives. Hope Mr Paget is behaving himself?

    Dogs get enough food but tuckered out = tired. LOL We wear them out every weekend and each night when we get home we play until they cannot play anymore. Well we can do that while the weather permits us to be outside that is.

    Busy but productive day yesterday with some visits under our belt. D is doing fine but hesitates with the assessment side on the computer she knows the stuff so I let her work it out and she does fine. Tends to doubt herself but I just reinforce she knows exactly what she is doing.

    Will be out in the field today with more visits so we shall share the load and see how she goes.

    Came home early from work to pick up a parcel my girlfriend sent me from Australia to find out the post office closes at 4:30PM so I was kinda ticked off about that so will have to go back earlier today. At least they have found it now because for a while they could not locate the parcel. Thank goodness my girlfriend had it insured but I have a sneaking suspicion that the parcel sat in some ones car for a while.

    So when I got home I was not happy, I got changed and got on the ride on mower and mowed like a mad woman around the house, looks nice and neat out there now and the dogs can roll around in fresh lawn and be happy. We gave them a good game last night but Banjo was so full of energy it took us a while to wear him out. LOL They both slept very well last night.

    Much love hugs and prayers for you all, especially AKY at this time.

    May you all have a blessed and productive day.
  4. by   TopazLover
    Good day Michael, good morning Sabby and all who pop in.

    Sleep is still a huge problem. I did put in a call to my doc to get some help for this. The bags under my eyes now have the complete set of luggage, including the trunk. I can get about 1/2 night's sleep and feel like I need about 18 hr. uninterrupted. I really need at least one night of good sleep as I am going to see family and have dinner with Ted this weekend.

    Commuter, sorry that things did not work out. For you as for me, tincture of time.

    I hope to get my hair done today. Nothing else other than work.

    Already have had my oatmeal and coffee. I don't take the dog out until it gets light. I think I will watch the news.

    Michael, I would gladly share a bit of your heat. Right now it is wonderful but we all know it is going to be a long, cold winter. Do take care with those cyclones. Congrats on the new gennie. have fun at the party.

    For all: Enjoy your day.
  5. by   EMSnut45
    Good morning!

    My emergency drivers ed ran late last night. We got out around 10:15. Good news is I successfully completed half of the practical. Tomorrow will be the other half and Monday is the written. When I got home, my cute, adorable little puppy decided to bark and cry over nothing until 11:30. It was not very cute in my book and I finally put my finger in her face and told her to "knock it off." She hates that and finally let me go to sleep. I'm not sure what that was all about.

    I'm working my 24 hour shift today. I ran my tail off last week, so maybe this shift will be nice to me. I have a ton of QA to catch up on which should keep me entertained.

    Wishing everyone a productive day!!

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  6. by   Joe NightingMale
    Michael, wow, 50 years!

    Morning Sabby and EMS

    AKY happy birthday! And I hope you get some better sleep.

    Interestingly enough I've found my sleep has improved in the last couple of weeks or so, no more early morning waking. I wonder if it's the mindful meditation that's helping. Or the ranitidine I'm taking for a touch of GERD. Though I suspect it's the meditation, I only started taking the ranitidine a week ago.

    Allergies seem to be acting up today, not sure why, perhaps it's actually a cold, I've been unusually sniffly the last week or so. Could also be the weather, it's quite cold today.

    Having a goodbye potluck at work, did a bunch of cooking last night. Wish they would have told me Friday, I could have done the cooking over the weekend and not have to rush.

    Work went fine, having a bunch of classes at work this week, hopefully they won't take up too much time. I think I've finally reached the point where I'm ready to leave; I realize now that no changes they can make will improve things sufficiently. It's kind of sad, I like the people and it's a good field, but just too many difficulties and frustrations, I'm getting burned out. But I'm going to wait until the new year to start looking.
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning all.

    Was up and out at 0445 to help a hospice patient. Came home about 5:45 to try to sleep but finally just got up and made coffee. I went to bed early due to a possible hospice death but he is still here this morning and I'm not as sleep-deprived as I would have been if I had stayed up to my usual 11:30 p.m.

    Sabby - our P.O. closes at 4 p.m.

    aky - so great that you'll be able to see Ted and Amy.

    Joe - sorry about the job. I'm not completely happy in my school district nurse job but will stick it our for the 5 years (I've been here 3 years) to get vested if they decide to keep me since I'm not going back to school to get my credential. If I leave before that, I lose $$.

    Gotta go . . . have to give report to the hospice nurse who is on call now.

    Have a great day!
  8. by   bushambo
    AK, I find camomile tea helpful for sleep. Also lavender oil sprinkled on the pillow is good. Being a cattle man, I never count heep!!
  9. by   Ted
    Good Evening -

    It's 7:59 PM (EST)

    Drove back from NYC this early afternoon after seeing the new opera, "Two Boys". It was fantastic!! Although I am not a real opera fan, I am a fan of the style of composition as was heard from this opera. For lack of a better descriptive term, it's a "21 Century Contemporary" opera, compositionally. The best part, though, was seeing our Christopher Bolduc on stage on the Metropolitan Opera stage. We are so very proud of him.

    At present, I'm at work. The ICU is closed so my co-worker and I are helping out on the Med/Surg floor. I'm expecting an admission soon. Orders have yet to be "written" (put into the computer) by the Hospitalist. Here's to hoping to a "Q" night.

    aknottedyarn - Early afternoon on Sunday, around 1:30 PM should work well for us! Let us know more precisely where you want to eat some good food!

    Warmest regards to all. . .