Tuesday May 22, 07

  1. Well good "morning" to our premium members, how are you all today? We want to know Hope you enjoy every bit of it!

    We do have frost warnings overnite It's been such a beautiful day today!

    A post from Monday's thread that it was too late to post to:

    Quote from swartzrn
    Zoe--no, Ft. Benning isn't the only post. Ft. Gordon is over in Augusta, GA and Ft. Stewart right near Savannah. I have a good friend who is a PNP over at Ft. Stewart actually. There are also some other bases--there is an airforce base in Warner Robbins and is an Army base up in Atlanta unless they have closed it already. I think it may have been on the BRAC list. Ft. Benning is right on the Alabama line. It's home to Infantry Training Brigade, Airborne School, part of Ranger School, the 3rd Brigade/3rd Infantry Division (huge brigade) and several other's you'd probably recognize.
    Julie, it is going to be as tough to get info out of my son as to his location as it is to get info from any intelligence officer - I would have to torture him worse than the worst ... (maybe by sending unlimited emails, religious tracts, boxes that say "cookies" filled with rocks and dirty socks, etc...)

    If I ever find out ... I'll let you know!
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  3. by   bethin
    Good morning Zoe!

    Sorry, I've been out of the loop for awhile. Is your son joing the military or is he leaving? (((((Zoe))))) and hugs to everyone that serves.

    My favorite cousin (by marriage - this guy is hilarious!) woke up one day and was told he's leaving for Iraq.....for the THIRD time. No one in the family even knew he was leaving. My cousin (his wife) showed up at her parents house in Indiana with their 2 kids - she came from Ft Lewis near Spokane. Happened very fast. I talked to her 3 days before he left and she didn't meniton him leaving. Thank God they have a great marriage and we have such a large family to support them.

    Don't have anything planned today. I'm expecting The Constant Gardener from amazon today so I'll be reading that. I watched the movie when it first came out and loved it.

    I guess I'll have to pick my head up and go back to the school that I dropped out of. The cc doesn't offer political science as a major. I didn't fill out any FAFSA forms so don't know about that. It's embarrassing that I failed but to get what I want I have to do some unpleasant things. That includes disappointing my parents again. They no longer support school. Oh, they want me to get an education but they don't ask about school. I think they're disappointed I'm not going into nursing. Can't please everyone, just yourself.

    Hope you all have a good day! It's going to be beautiful in the midwest.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning, all! :kiss

    I have a test in nutrition this evening. Since this class is a condensed 2 week 'mini-mester,' I really need to do well on this exam.

    Take care, and have a very blessed day!
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from zoeboboey
    Well good "morning" to our premium members, how are you all today? We want to know Hope you enjoy every bit of it!
    Quote from bethin
    Hope you all have a good day! It's going to be beautiful in the midwest.
    Good morning to both of you!
  6. by   bethin
    Good luck on your test Commuter. I've thought about taking classes like that but I fear I wouldn't be able to keep up. Anyway, good luck!
  7. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from bethin
    Good luck on your test Commuter. I've thought about taking classes like that but I fear I wouldn't be able to keep up. Anyway, good luck!
    Thank you, thank you (as one of my demented residents used to say)!
  8. by   nursemary9

    At work; extremely busy; on our 3rd admission all ready & not even half thru the shift; transferred one pt. to MICU just a few minutes ago!!

    I guess our nice quiet weekend was in preparation for this--on top of everything. they pulled an RN to Surgical Floor so we are 1 RN down!!


    Can't address all of you right now!!

    You all have a good day, I'll see you all later

    Mary Ann
  9. by   walkingrock
    to all who made lovely comments about my daughter's graduation from culinary school... she's had many stops & starts...went to cc (2 different ones), started cosmetology program (hair styling) and quit, etc...that's why i told her she could not quit (several times when she wanted to) and that it would be my last assistance with "college" or education expenses...i'm glad she likes it. she isn't making a huge amount over minimum wage, but she has been promoted to the evening shift, where she will share in the tips, and there is potential for moving up the ladder in the chef world, that will bring in more $. i'm just glad she has completed something, and has a job she likes and is working full time at! she graduated from high school 3 yrs ago. it's time...

    zoe, glad you like my avatar...i think it is very cute. reminds me of me & my honey...
  10. by   Grace Oz
    Good (tuesday) evening from me!

    Winter is fast approaching here in Oz. We've been blessed with much needed rains. It's cold! Am grateful for the heating in our house!

    It's DH's birthday today. I cooked him his favourite crumbed lambs brains sauteed in garlic butter! -YUK! But .... he loves them! - with bacon, mushrooms, eggs on toast, for breakfast this morning. We then visited DD, who is unwell with a virus of some kind. Took her some chicken soup and a fresh bread roll filled with ham and cheese. From her place we drove to one of our regular cafe's and devoured a bowl of soup for lunch. Then onto another fav place for coffee and cake. I think he enjoyed his birthday!

    If I suddenly dissappear for awhile, I'm having more problems with the PC
    I think I need to have the technician call, again! and have it looked at.
    Soooo annoying! Computers are wonderful and amazing inventions. When they're operating smoothly! And, since I'm no computer geek, I have to hire the professionals to solve any big problems.

    Wishing everyone a safe and happy tuesday!

    Cheers .................
  11. by   Roy Fokker
    Good Morning folks!

    Here's your song for the day....


    I hope everyone has a peaceful day...
  12. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!!!
  13. by   christymwinn
    Good mornin' everybody.
    Grace, sorry to hear it is getting cold and your DD is ill. It is finally starting to get warmer around here. Yay!!! Hope all goes well w/ your computer. I have been having trouble w/ mine now for a month. Not sure what I am going to do w/ it (or to it )
    Commuter-good luck on your test!!
    Bethin-nice to see ya! I haven't been around for awhile, how have ya been?
    Roy-enjoyed the song--it really took me back!!

    Have a good one guys, hopefully I will be back sooner than later.
  14. by   jmgrn65
    good morning I hope everyone has a good day.