Tuesday March 20, 2007

  1. Good Morning!!

    Nothing planned for today. I might go back to my apt this evening. Thursday I have an EGD and colonoscopy.

    News from my sil about the babies: turns out one is much larger than the other. They will be performing more tests on Thurs to determine if they need to induce then. One baby is 8lbs and the other is 5lbs. That's alot of baby!

    My nieces are doing fine in their new house. I gave Emma a penguin that I bought in San Diego and she carries it with her at all times. She's a big girl now. She puts herself to bed and sleeps through the night in her big girl bed. Kennedy is still unsure about all the changes.

    Have a great day!!
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  3. by   bethin
    Dianah, you asked for stories in yesterday's thread.

    I tried to go to Point Loma but ended up in Mexico. I made a wrong turn and ended up on I-5. Was going to turn around when I saw the sign "border crossing.....1 mile" So into Mexico I went and turned around. I probably would have stayed and shopped but I wasn't supposed to take the car into Mexico. Went whale watching, which was a bust. Also took a harbor cruise which was very interesting. Learned alot about the bridge and the Navy. Cried all day when I was leaving. Felt like I had lost my one true love. Cried all day and was still crying when I was looking for my car. Sheesh, I'm getting teary now just thinking about SD. Couldn't find my car when I got to Indy. Looked for 2 hours in flip flops and a t-shirt in 30 degree weather at midnight. Took the shuttle back to the airport and took a cab to tour the parking lot so I could find my car. The guy was of a certain descent that didn't approve of single females traveling alone. I got alot of "I don't understand why you would do this." I not too nicely told him to take me back to the airport. I called my dad who had to drive 90 mins one way to come get me. We looked and finally we found it. But guess what? It wouldn't start. But in my defense, I have to say that this was a rental car and that the plate number that was on the keychain was not the plate number that was on the car. Besides whale watching and the harbor cruise, I spent the rest of my time on the beach. Layed there from 0900 until 1700 when I would eat supper. Take a nap and then back on the beach all night walking. I've already been looking at real estate and apts. I'm hoping in approx 2 years to move there. By then I should be done with school and have some savings.
  4. by   nursemary9

    Beth, Thank You for starting the thread.

    So your having procedures on Thursday! Do you know when you will have surgery?
    Your trip makes we want to check out San Diego!!
    We're going to the Dallas, TX area next month. Busily getting ready for that.

    I'm at work right now; awfully busy!! Our acuity is so high these days!!
    Then, of course, they took some of our help which doesn't help matters!!
    They just love to use our floor as there personal float pool; that's because our manager made sure she filled all of her positions & she works at keeping her stafff; the other floors are always losing there help.

    We're supposed to be having a pot-luck tonite--our Traveler is leaving this week, so we brought food. All kinds of stuff there.
    Anne, our Traveller, is the nicest girl. I wish she were a permanent part of our staff. Oh well;

    I have to run & do some work;
    Earlier I quickly assessed all of my patients & passed out meds, but didn't really do any of the computer work yet.

    I have nothing much planned for the day; DH will be going to the golf dome---maybe for the last time this season, as hopefully after this week, he'll be able to be outside.
    If their golf-day was Monday, they would have been able to play outside as it was beautiful--however, the temp is supposed to be 20 dergees colder on Tues, as well as rain is in the forecast
    Well, see you all later

    Mary Ann
  5. by   bethin
    Where is this dome located? My dad would love to go to one of those. This year for Christmas I got him the American Lung Association golf card. For $30 he can golf as much as he wants at hundreds of location in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio. He doesn't have to pay green fees which I hear are expensive.

    Now would be a good time to go to Dallas. It has to be better than the miserable midwest. Can't wait for spring!

    Mary Ann, hope you have a good night with no admits!
  6. by   nursemary9
    Hi Beth

    Just saw your note, I was kind of busy!! We have no empty beds for admits!!! YES!!!!

    The Chicago Area has several golf domes. The one DH goes to is in Bensenville, IL--a western suburb of Chicago. It is an indoor facility for the guys to practice in. It's really quite nice--I have been there with him & hit a few balls. I know there are others around the area, but not sure where.

    The fee is by the bucket of balls.

    Golf can be an expensive hobby; DH has a senior card for the county golf facilities; then some of the public courses have senior rates. The places DH & friends go to are on the less expensive side---compared to some of the fancy places; about once a year or so, DH goes with my Cousin's husband to one of the area Country Clubs!! What a treat that is for him!! When we go on vacation, he will usually play a couple of times.
    He and his friends usually golf once or twice a week, depending on weather & my schedule.
    If we went out & got a second car, as we used to have, he could probably golf more often.
  7. by   walkingrock
    ahh...san diego is wonderful. i lived near there for 9+ yrs. i miss it a little, and people think i'm crazy to have left, but i moved up to norcal because this is where my bf lives. we remet at pt loma...a special place for us. i was living in the sd area at the time (we knew each other from 1 yr of high school, and hadn't had contact for very many years). i must say, it is kinda nice to have a little change of seasons...(don't need snow and really cold weather though! )
  8. by   DDRN4me
    Morning friends!

    Beth, I understand how you feel; I love Florida, especially Key West; but i cant convince dh that we should go live there. he likes winter, i basically hate it . We went to SD a couple of times when he lived in Oakland for work. loved it too. Another beautiful place is Sonoma County...

    ahh well i am dreaming cuz i will not get to anywhere like that for at least a couple of years , since both dds are getting married.

    getting ready to teach the class at my college this morning. then i go to my 2nd job for a meeting. tomorrow i am being audited by my cpr traiining center so more paperwork that i will need prepare.

    so, i best get off the puter and get moving..

    hope everyone has a happy , productive day!!
  9. by   clemmm78
    good morning all

    Maybe the clinic dr was right after all <grin>. My fingers looks bad still but it isn't half as painful as it has been.

    I have an appointment in town this morning so I'd best go off and make myself presentable - don't want to scare any small children.

    My poor travelling son had to go back to school today now that March break is over - and he has a bad cold.

    Ok, off for now. Be good everyone. If you can't be good, at least save the juicy details for me.
  10. by   Grace Oz
    good tuesday evening from me!
    ds phoned tonight! couldn't speak for long, but it was wonderful to hear his voice. he sounded well, though somewhat tired. said there's a letter on it's way with all the news etc which he can't talk about on the phone. he told me not to worry! yeah, sure son! try telling any mother with a child deployed not to worry! :stone
    i'll be watching the mail deliveries like a hawke until the letter arrives!

    g'day beth, mary ann, tina, ddrn, wishing you all a happy tuesday!
    good luck with the colonoscopy, beth! i'm booked for an endoscopy next tuesday 27th. not looking forward to that one bit!
    glad you enjoyed san diego, we loved it there! would really like to return.
    i went to our local library today. wanted to do some photocopying. decided to mozey around while there. selected a magazine and sat awhile on one of the comfortable lounge chairs, enjoying a free read . it was so peaceful and quiet. i thought of cheer as i watched the many folks using the library computers. many of her posts have been done in a library! i think i just might visit there more often, the atmosphere is just so pleasant. can grab a cuppa from the library cafe and sit with a book or magazine and just be absorbed in a good read without interruption by phone calls, someone knocking on the door, dh wanting my time or attention, pure uninterrupted me time! :chuckle

    take care and stay safe!
  11. by   Grace Oz
    hi clemmm! you were posting same time as me!
    hope for healing soon for those fingers! (((hug)))
  12. by   sirI
    good morning

    so far, not an exactly good past 10 hours. sorry to complain. will come back later.

    need this.....
  13. by   Grace Oz
    hello there siri! sorry you've had a not so good past 10 hours, hon. (((hug))) hope the next several hours are better!
  14. by   sirI
    Thanks, Grace. 'Fraid just the beginning now.

    I read where you talked with ds. I know you loved that.