Tuesday June 30 '09

  1. Good morning everyone. Didn't have many posts yesterday and by the time I got there it was past midnight.
    So here I am.

    Gotta get myself to sleep. My problem is that I've been rereading the Twilight series instead of sleeping. We have the first DVD but reading it is much better. Besides, we've got all four of the books and only the first movie. Looking forward to seeing the second movie, New Moon, when it comes out.

    Well, I hope that everyone is doing fine and that you all have a most pleasant wonderful God blessed day.
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  3. by   herring_RN
    Happy last day of June.
    Gotta vacuum and wash my car.
    But first get a good sleep.
    I get to sleep at night now!
  4. by   Sabby_NC
    [color=olive]good morning
    [color=#808000]just running by quickly as i am taking hubby with me today to preceptor.
    [color=#808000]have to let him do a lab draw on me before we head out as i am getting him to do one later on.
    [color=#808000]hahhahahahaha i am sure he will do fine.
  5. by   nrsang97
    Morning all,

    I just got home from the lab. I had to have 1 hour gtt. Glucola YUCK! Oh well it's done and over with.

    Nothing really planned for today except to clean up around this messy house.

    Hope everyone has a good day.
  6. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hi nrsang Sabby herring Marilyn!

    Work last night went fine, didn't get called off. I don't work again until Thursday night.

    Not much going on today, just some reading and some NCLEX practice questions. Haven't gotten my authorization to test yet, I might have to call someone about that.

    Hope everyone has a great day.
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning everyone :flowersfo:smilecoffeecup:

    No hospice calls overnight and I'm off call at 0900 . .. .then I must concentrate of finishing my compare/contrast paper.

    Danny is still asleep. I put the pups out, feed them and our lab. Now they are running around in the yard barking and chasing every car that goes by. :icon_roll

    nrs - I got the cola flavored Glucola served over crushed ice .. .not too bad.

    Sabby - when I taught my daughter to draw blood in Vietnam, I let her practice on me too.

    herring - oh dear you reminded me that I need to clean my car out too!

    Compassion - my daughter and all her friends are really into that Twilight thing . . .

    Joe - you sure have to call and check on a lot of things . . . .

    One more cup of coffee . . .. . .:smilecoffeecup:

  8. by   Medic2RN
    Morning All!!

    Lots to do today! Grocery shopping, get my son's haircut, finish deep cleaning the upstairs. I have my Dad visiting from NY this week and I've been whipping my house into shape.

    I started my first day of orientation in the MICU yesterday. It went well. I need to find out when the next day will be, they told me I only needed a few days of orientation. Ummm .....
    Anyhoo, have a great day!!
  9. by   zuzi
    Good Morning dears,

    Cheers with first coffe! I had a REALLY GOOD DAY yesterday! I don't know what will happen with US without MY latino and all others, probably will be english stylish style and me asking the personal shrink to send me in South America that is closed than anything else, lol. I just could not live in a non-latino world. Spread a little latino a little other nations, a little music and a little laugh on it ... here I am..... my world

    Oh and I forgot... with burritos...lol!

    Dear... open hearts, full of life, easy to be uderstand, UNTWISTED at all, . Working hard for so few money. Never considering that they deserve!

    What ****** me off last days... well .. may be unopenees, the tries to smart me, the untruefulness, "the I deserve" style.

    What make me happy yesterday... a little man, looool, a latino one, working hard for his own bussiness, AND IN LOVE WITH HIS WORK, to high to be real, to happy to not spread happiness around... a love to see him working... he make me dizzy... his love for life his open heart,............ me that I lost the beliveness in good people here.....he rememberd me my life from my birth country.... people are good....we need to belive in it!

    We need to hire him, may be, looooool, for his courage to be him self and his hard working and good skills , but I am so sure that is too free to stay in only one place, looool.

    Let's find a song for Speedy Gonzales, dear Lord I did seen any one to move so fast loooooooool!


    Have super duper good day!
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  10. by   compassion1
    OK guys. Where is everyone? I'm getting paranoid here. Just because I started this thread doesn't mean everyone can hide. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

    I thank you, Herring, Sabby, Angela, Joe, Steph, Medic and Zuzi for your bravery. Now where's the rest of yous?
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi! :flowersfo

    I've been here off and on. Went to a funeral today - outdoors at our local fairgrounds by the gazebo under the trees. Beautiful . .and sad. 60 year old woman died of an aneurysm suddenly. She was well-loved! They found something in her bible that said when she died she wanted "The First Time, Ever I Saw Your Face" played for her husband. So moving.

    I've been with a friend, sipping wine and now I'm cooking veggies from her garden and my garden for dinner.

    Danny is in the yard playing with the pups.

  12. by   BEDPAN76
    Hi Marilyn (and everyone else!)

    I'm here....barely. Long day at work with inservices from corporate people. Need I say more??? Glad it's a short week since I am off Friday. Can't come soon enough at this point. If I can get over the hump of care plan rounds and conference tomorrow, the end will be in sight!! Nighty night for now.....
  13. by   dianah

    Busy day at work, and I now have three items piled up to do Case Mgmt on, plus RN duties in the Cath Lab.
    Will split the Case Mgmt stuff w/the other Cath Lab RN.
    Tomorrow will be a busy day as well.

    Steph, for supper I had a veggie chicken patty and some fresh squash from a friend's garden.

    Good luck w/the house cleaning, Medic and nrsang!

    Love the burritos, zuzi!

    Sabby, how did your dh do drawing your labs??
    Did he enjoy his day of orientation?
    Was his preceptor mean????
  14. by   dianah
    Hi Joe, herring and BEDPAN!