Tuesday February 11, 2014

  1. Good Morning to you all,

    Hi Davey I see you down there. Hope you are having a nice time if you are at work? Nothing too stressful.

    Worked my tail off yesterday getting 7 visits done and today I am praying I get the rest out of the way due to a significant storm coming our way. Not sure if our office will be open Wednesday/ Thursday depending on the snow and ice that is heading our way.

    I need to ensure my patients are going to be safe and have all that they need, especially one patient who lives alone.

    I was so exhausted when I got home last night as I really pushed myself yesterday so the same is on the cards today.

    Glad I cooked up some shrimp stir fry for hubby plenty left for tonight and have our fruits and veggies ready for juice this morning.

    May you all have a most excellent, productive and safe day.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Sabby_NC
    Good Morning to you all,

    Hi Davey I see you down there. Hope you are having a nice time if you are at work? Nothing too stressful.
    And a Very Good Morning to you, too, Sabby.

    No, I'm at Home tonight, playing with my Computer Tablet, thanks for asking.

    AN.com has inspired me to Have Fun with my Break Room Buddies through the use of my Art.

    I did a Cartoon of Ted in the CARTOON THREAD and now I've done one of steph (Spidey's Mom).

    I was Thinking, her Avatar shows Spidey, but doesn't really show Spidey's Mom. So, I Fashioned an Avatar I believe to be more Appropriate to her Username:


    Okay. Back to Play!

    Have a Good Day, you All!
  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby and Davey

    Somehow I just erased what I wrote

    Anyway, slow day at work yesterday. I was able to work on my backlog and even go out for lunch. Today will be more busy, but hopefully not too much so.

    Spent some time last night on meal planning for next week. Going to give the South Beach diet another go. Going to be quite a change from the way I normally eat, so I have to be prepared.

    Looks like today should be the last of the really cold days, over the next week or two it's going to warm up significantly. We might even get rain!
  5. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    Davey Do! LOL! LOVE your art! (I think you captured "Spidey's Mom" perfectly! LOL!) Gonna check the one you said that you did of me after I type lots of letters, words and sentences here.

    Sabby_NC - Busy day for you, yesterday. Those busy days sure do come on occasion. Hopefully they don't present themselves all of the time!

    Joe - Erasing what's been typed. . . Don't you hate it when that happens?!?! I've had that happen a number of times at work, usually when the intranet goes down for some reason. It's those times that make me wish to be able to work with paper again.

    Last night was the last of four nights off from work. Tonight, I start the first of three work-nights. I was up a good portion of the night editing the video that I did of our ICU/CCU's "Healthy Heart Night for Women" event. Without a doubt, the entire event, including the four lectures, came out well! Important for me, the video came out well too. For the past few years, the sound to the video-taping of these yearly event really sucked. Not this time, thankfully.

    I need to start reviewing ACLS because that's due for renewal in a week's time. Additionally, I have to get a few extra CEUs so that I can get the 15 needed to renew my MA nursing license. This all means lots and lots of reading. (Yes, I'm a bit of a last-minute type of person. UGH!)

    Nothing much more to add at present. I hope all is well with everyone. Peace to all who travel here.

  6. by   TopazLover
    Good day all.
    We, too, are preparing for the nor'easter heading our way. We probably will get quite a bit of snow and some rain and freezing rain. Ted, Liddle, BC, and others will be lucky enough to get the snow. I do feel bad for Georgia. A friend of a fb friend noted they may get up to 1 1/2 inches of ice. Near us had 1/2 inch of ice and 3/4 million homes were without power. Some still are without, a week later. Many crews have come from as far as Canada to help out. Those poor workers will not get home for a while yet, I guess.

    I will go pick up a bunch of pills and some milk in prep for the storm. I have lots of eggs and bread so I can have "French Toast". Everyone buys these things. I am out of milk so I will get some, otherwise, bleh. I live on a main drag so we will be back to "normal" quickly.

    My neighbor is is the hospital so I am dog sitting. My poor spoiled fur baby is quite jealous. Fortunately she has a really sweet disposition, or we would have real issues. The other dog is a Pomeranian, cute and just as lazy as mine so at least we don't have different energy levels to contend with.

    Best get going. I have been staying up late and getting up early to watch some of the Olympics. I am behind with some things. I have lots of food ahead, and most of the laundry done but still need to work on the desk, and shine the floors.

    Be safe out there.
  7. by   Ted
    aknottedyarn - I just read about the upcoming storm. We're supposed to get snow rather than ice. Would rather have the snow than the ice. Ice, especially thick ice, can be quite destructive. In the past, we've been days without power because of ice-storms. Not good. Hoping those in this new storm's path remain safe and take needed precautions.
  8. by   Davey Do
    Quote from aknottedyarn
    I am behind with some things.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Loving the cartoons! I showed Spidey your last one and he liked it.

    aky - perfect cartoon for her.

    Morning all - kind of misty here. Supposed to be a sunny day as we are between rain storms.

    Off to work shortly. Hope your Tuesday goes well. (Gotta go look at Ted's cartoon first though). (Why do the smilies change places all the time?)
  10. by   TopazLover
    Thank you Davey. Quite accurate, tying myself in knots.
  11. by   herring_RN
    Hello friends.

    My Pearlie Dog isn't lazy at all. She runs all the time.
    When I prepare their food Duke either leans against me (his version of a hug) or sits in anticipation. Pearl sits and then runs a circle around the yard and back in the doggie door, sits or smells my butt, the runs again.

    She only rests when snuggling. Duke and I are who will snuggle with her.