Tuesday April 28 - Good Morning !

  1. Hello and good rainy windy "morning". Technically it is Tuesday by about 14 minutes and it continues to rain and the windows are shaking with the wind. sigh . . ..

    My daughter is here visiting - she brought Ziggy with her. Boy, has he changed! He and Marla chase each other all over the house and this time Marla is getting the best of him!

    Grace - hope you had a nice walk. I'm hoping to get one in myself. After I get some sleep.

    Mary Ann - I forgot to say "Happy Anniversary"! *wine

    Dianah - I'm so sorry about your stolen items. My daughter's purse was stolen AGAIN - lost her cell phone and wallet with her new license. Why do people have to steal?

    I had a call earlier about a hospice patient who is close to death - I really should try to get some sleep just in case they call. I'll be driving 20 miles in this storm if she does die before morning. Her family is with her. I'm wishing her a peaceful death.

    I'll be back for coffee/tea/hot chocolate . ... :hotchocolate::smilecoffeecup::smiletea2:

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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Hi there steph, sorry to read about your DD's items being stolen also. I just read Di's post about hers. People who steal are miserable gits!

    You'll have to post some pics of Ziggy and Marla. They're like human kids, they change so fast!

    I hope your patient passes peacefully. Be careful on those roads if you do have to go out.

    It's tea time here, DH's cook tonight! A chicken and rice dish. I bought a new kettle today and saw an electric rice cooker on sale as well, so grabbed it! Been wanting one for ages.

    Had a nice encounter with the hairdresser today. It felt wonderful having my hair shampoo'd, head massaged and all the pampering. They have those vibrating massage chairs in the salon, you receive a body massage as you have your hair shampoo'd .... talk about luxury!

    Took Scooter to the vet and he was the perfect patient having the sutures removed. One lady came in with three cats in three different carry cages, all three were meowing like crazy! lol They clearly did not want to see the vet! lol

    Not only did I have one, but two walks today! Took Scooter for a walk first, then took Scout. Sometimes they're too much for me together. They're strong little buggers and pull hard on the leash. It hurts my poor ageing back! lol Still, the exercise was good for me!

    Gotta go! Tea's on the table! Back later! ..............
  4. by   Grace Oz
    Ok, it's now later! Tea was delicious, it had lychees in it as well as chicken. DH did well. Hmmm ... now I'm going to have to come up with something for tomorrow night's tea to outdo his tonight! :thnkg:

    It was announced tonight that we're going to have daylight saving extended permanently! :stone It was trialled this past summer and we had it from October until March. Bloody ridiculous! Waking up to darkness for those extra weeks is total nonsence. At 0700 it was still dark! Grrrr ... I'm not impressed!

    Well since it would appear y'all still sleeping ....... and there's no point sitting here yakking to myself ......... I'm going to bid ye a goodnight from here and go and read my book!

    Enjoy your tuesday!

  5. by   Sabby_NC
    :heartbeat good morning steph, grace and all that follow

    steph i pray your patient passes peacefully. in our organization they want us to be there before the patient dies. sometimes that can be quite the balancing act! i pray you are careful if going out in such horrid conditions.

    grace you crack me up, hubby's meal sounded quite yummy!
    don't worry about talking to yourself as i do that from time to time

    well not too much of a busy day for me.
    lab draw first thing my blood no one elses hahahahaha
    then down the road i go to check in with one patient before i head to a family meeting that i am not looking forward to

    had half a day off yesterday wooooooo hooooooooo came home and mowed to my heart was content. funny how mowing can take my mind off everything and i just potter around. looks so pretty around here with everything blooming.

    ok gotta run have a wonderful day one and all :heartbeat :heartbeat :heartbeat :heartbeat
  6. by   GPatty
    [font="comic sans ms"]good moring to you all!
    have class today, then next week is final! gah!!! already? life has been weird here with sunshine, rain, and cold again... but i guess that's what spring is all about, eh?

    we got some of our garden planted last night. just the more hardy of the veggies.... in case another frost comes.

    my dear friend had his surgery for the testicular cancer last week. he's home now and feeling a little better. has to go to the doc on wednesday for a check up. while he was down though, he received a letter from the bmv stating they were revoking his driving priveleges! can they do that? seriously! he knows he's not to drive while under the docs care for this and while he's getting chemo... hopefully we can get this straightened out before they actually do remove his license! geez... the poor man lives in the desert for petes sake! family no where around and me... 30 hours away.

    sabby~ mowing helps me to relax too. love it!

    grace~ good to have a couple of walks in. have a good night!

    steph~ sorry to hear about dd purse. a gal in school had hers stolen too. don't know all the details, but overheard bits and pieces of the conversation. people suck.
    hope your patient passes peacefully and please be careful if you have to go out.

    love nad hugs to you all! time to wake the munchkins!!!
  7. by   Joe NightingMale
    Steph I hope you can get some sleep before heading out.

    Sabby I hope the patient meeting goes well.

    Hi Grace and Calliou!

    For those who hadn't heard, I got that med-surg job I interviewed for
    I'll start towards the end of August, so I've got plenty of time. Of course now comes the planning...when I'll take the NCLEX and receive my license, how much I'll work between the end of school and the start of my new job, when I'll replace the care, if I'll move and when, etc...

    Other than that, not a whole lot else going on. Going to school today to take a final and an ATI, both should go well: The final is mostly recycled quiz questions and the practice ATI was pretty easy. Also have to talk with my preceptor today to set up the hours for my internship.

    Very rainy lately, but hopefully that will end after today and we'll get some drier weather.
  8. by   suzy253
    Morning all!

    Congrats on that job, Joe!!! Well done.

    Hugs all around
  9. by   dianah

    Off to work, another busy day scheduled.

    Steph, hoping for a peaceful passing for your pt.
    I'll bet the pups look too cute, running around chasing each other!!

    Grace, good that Scooter's vet visit went smoothly.
    Aren't they the lucky ones, each getting his 'own' walk w/you!!
    Tea sounded wonderful, you're very lucky your dh can/will cook!
    Mine would just open the can of lychees and pass it around!!

    Another Congrats to Joe!!!

    Callilou, glad your friend is doing well postop. Too bad about the license, what a bummer!! Seems so not fair!!

    Supposed to be rainy today (yay!).

    Y'all have a good one!
  10. by   GPatty
    Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I knew it was gonna happen for you!
  11. by   GPatty
    Hi to Suzy and dianah! Hit "post reply" before I knew what I was doing... I was too excited for Joe!
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning again - coffee in hand and trying to wake up on this rainy day. :smilecoffeecup:

    Sabby - our policy is to attempt to attend deaths too - this patient is an inpatient at a nursing home and we've been thinking she is going for days. I talked to the doc last night and he said "I thought she was going to die last night". The nurse had my home phone number and was going to call me if anything changed so I could get there. No calls - our patient is still with us. She is a sweet lady - always wants to hold your hand, remembers your name. But I guess she was cantankerous - her kids tell interesting stories. Sometimes you wonder . . .. who to believe?

    Gotta go call the next nurse on call . . . .

  13. by   nursemary9

    good afternoon, dear friends,

    well, mom is pretty much asleep all the time now. dh gave up his golf game today, so there would be someone staying with her while db & sil went to work; tomorrow, a friend of the family will stay.
    dsil works until 1245.

    i'm at work--where they don't understand illness or family illnes.
    i had a family leave which lasted 12 weeks & just expired at the end of march--figures!!

    busy day here at work. since i spend most of the day in infection control, we have been super busy since the swine flu outbreak!!

    see you all later
    joe, congrats on the job!! knew you'd do it!!

  14. by   jmgrn65
    ((((((((((Mary))))))))))))) and family of course.
    This is a very trying time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Congratulations Joe!

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