1. Ok, if I must start it, I'll start it ... lol

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    From Monday thread, in regard to Dianah's son bringing home one of those "virtual babies" that cry, wet, etc. I asked her what she thought of the premise, that this exercise is to help discourage teen pregnancy:

    Quote from dianah
    Well Zoe, I think it's a nice try re: THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH IF YOU HAVE A BABY SO THINK ABOUT IT!!!!! etc. But as I told my ds, it's missing the love factor that a parent feels when responsible for that tiny life which the parent has brought into the world. OK, you get the idea, lol. Waxing poetic and schmaltzy here. At least it's only for one night (for him); he's not going to get the nice uninterrupted sleep he's used to.

    Well, see you all tomorrow sometime.

    Dianah, it's odd but I NEVER THOUGHT of that! The love factor being missing.

    It would be tough to teach about that because from what I've heard, a lot of teen mothers get pregnant to "have someone to love" and vice versa. They haven't gotten that love from their families, and are looking for a baby to make it all better.

    Your ds is fortunate that it's NOT JUST the school that is teaching him these values, about reality and responsibility and etc.! YOU are teaching him! I've heard a lot of parents say that "that's what the school is for" - to teach their kids about sex, relationships, communication, etc. But if they rely on the school - their kids aren't going to UNDERSTAND what is important, and why. Because if it's not important to us - why should THEY think it is?

    Blah blah, I am running on empty .. hope you and ds have a nice quiet night, ha ha! (I can't wait to hear about ds's middle-of-the-night, lol)
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  3. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from tnbutterfly
    Hello from the road. We are making our way closer to CA. We traveled about 700 miles today bringing our 2-day total to about 1300 miles. We made it to New Mexico today and are staying in a vintage motel on historic Route 66 tonight. My body is confused as to what time it is. I barely know what day it is.
    TN! wow, it is amazing to be hearing from you from the road!

    You will have to describe that "vintage" motel when you catch your breath!

    BTW it is Tuesday - please drive carefully!
  4. by   Cherish
    GM everyone and Zoe,

    I leave tomorrow to go home (MD) and see my mom and friends, yippee!!! When I get back I'll chill out for one day and then go to Miami to head off for my Caribbean cruise :biere: . 2 vacations back to back. I'm stockpiling my vacations because once I start NS I'll probably never get to see the sun again!!! :typing

    So how is everyone doing? Yea yea your asleep good for you I'm an insomniac HAH! I can't fall asleep till after 5. That's going to have to change soon.

    Hope everyone has a great day! :smilecoffeecup:
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  5. by   nursemary9

    Thank you for starting the thread!! I do hope your getting some good z's now!! and not staying awake at the Puter!!:typing

    Cherish, You also need some sleep!! I sure hope you have a nice visit with mom & Friends!! and the Cruise......................Do I envy You????????
    We went on a Caribbean Cruise years ago & it was GREAT!!! One of the BEST EVER vacations!! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!!

    Dianah, Hope your son has a good nite with his"baby"!!Hope you all were able to get some sleep!!

    Steph, I also hope you were able to get some sleep---I could almost feel your exhaustion through cyberspace!!

    Tn, Please be Careful on the road; It's funny,. while we were on vacatiom, we also spent the nite in one of those old motels along old 66!! It was comfortable.

    Jnette, I hope everything is going OK for you---wish I was closer so I could help you with Mutti!!Have you heard from DH? How's it going for him?

    Well, I'm at work; So far OK. Our census is LOW tonite, only 13 & our staffing is OK for it. I'm first admit tonite, but so far have heard nothing from ER or Admitting!!That's OK with me!! Census is a bit low in the whole hospital!!
    My nite is actually going MUCH smoother then the last 2 nites!!
    I'm off Tuesday nite but have nothing planned.
    DH is golfing today, so that leaves me alone to maybe even catch up on some sleep!!

    Well, You all have a WONDERFUL day!!
    See you all later

    Mary Ann
  6. by   Cherish
    Thanks Mary I'll try to get some sleep. I have a hair dresser appt in the AM. It's funny all my friends know that I don't sleep until after 4-5. I think I need to see someone about that LOL.

    I usually go to the West Indies every year since my family is from there (Jamaica and Trinidad). I've never been to the northern part of the Caribbean yet so I can't wait to visit Bahama's, Barbadoes and Grand Caymen. First time on a cruise, so I'm off my diet (ahem lifestyle change)...free food, buffet, and exquisite cuisine? Ahhh...heaven!!! Glad they have a track and gym on the ship, I'll just dance and work my weight off.

    Mary-Hope the census is still low at the hospital...I thought you weren't supposed to say low census or slow nite thought it jinxes ya! :uhoh21:
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  7. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning,
    Up and getting ready for another great day in Hospice.
    Gosh I would LOVE to be heading off on a cruise. Would be so nice before Hubby starts his Nursing Program in the Fall. Hmmmmm may see if I can swing a week off and surprise da man!!
    Have a blessed day.
  8. by   Cherish
    Quote from Sabby_NC
    Good Morning,
    Up and getting ready for another great day in Hospice.
    Gosh I would LOVE to be heading off on a cruise. Would be so nice before Hubby starts his Nursing Program in the Fall. Hmmmmm may see if I can swing a week off and surprise da man!!
    Have a blessed day.
    Hey Sabby...I'm in NC too...so Hello!!!
    Hey do it! Thats what I did the beginning of April. My boyfriend just up and said lets go on a cruise, said its one of my presents for getting into NS. Went to priceclub.com and got a REALLY nice discount compared to the Royal Caribbean website. You can check out Vacationstogo.com too.

    Yup I'm going to bed, gnite...I mean good day everyone!
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  9. by   DDRN4me
    Morning friends!!

    ((((Jnette)))) my condolences to you and dh. Wish i were there to help with Mutti. I feel the same frustration with caring for my Nana. things happen and i have no control or ability to help.

    Dianah. my dd had one of those babies in hs; she put it under the bed cuz it wouldnt stop crying!!!!
    funny she is the kindergarten teacher now!

    Hi Mary , cherish, sabby and all to come! have a great day!! Mary
  10. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning everyone I hope everyone has a good day/sleep.
    Prayers for those that need them, ((((((HUGS))))))) for all. Jnette can patti and roo fly in and help. I know sometimes there is that pesky financial issue. I am thinking of you and your family.
  11. by   muffie
    good tues am

    one week of may gone, wowser

    cherish please have an extrememly good safe time

    hugs to netters, mutti and dh

    might be a yucky day but oh well, git 'er done

    beauty sun shiny day up here !
  12. by   kukukajoo
    Good Morning!! Supposed to be in the 80's up here in NH!

    Studying for my finals tomorrow and getting ready to go get an upper GI scoping today- ugghhhhh.

    Hope that everyone has at least one moment to relax and take a deep breath of fresh spring air today!
  13. by   sirI
    good morning all

    and, that sun is sooo nice, too. many storms came through here last night. no damage, thank goodness. but, on dial up now for my sat is knocked out. no high speed. *sigh*

    sippin' on my beloved

    don't have much to do today, thank goodness, for i would not be able to do much research here at the office. so, will just chill a little...

    <----sheshe sets the mood:spin:

    hope ya'll
  14. by   suzy253
    Morning all. Looks like a beautiful day out there and I'm off until Thursday. Just got up a little while ago. A stressful night as one of my pts was desaturating and went into Afib with ht rate reaching in the 160's at times. Just wondering how she is doing today.

    Netters--I am so very sorry to have read about DH's son. My prayers to you and your family.

    Coffee is a must this a.m....and lots of it.