TUESDAY 31st October, 2006

  1. greetings everyone! thought i'd start the thread before i head off and serve some lunch to my patient!
    he's a good pt despite being in considerable pain and discomfort.
    we commenced our australian summer time here on sunday, i note you mob up/over have put your clocks back. we put ours 1 hour forward and now have about 5 different time zones! in this country, that's ridiculous!
    after making dh comfortable on sunday, i took myself for a drive to the fisherman's wharf markets. about a 40 minute drive from home. enjoyed a couple of hours browsing the markets, bought a couple of gifts in readiness for christmas, also a really unique and neat hanging pot plant holder .treated myself to a kransky in a roll and a cappuccino. wandered back to the carpark feeling pleased with my purchases and having had some time out from being the 'home nurse'.
    arrived at the car to discover i had a parking ticket!! :angryfire
    i'd put the right amount of coins into the meter, but it didn't show on the ticket! instead of it registering two hours fee paid, it showed only one hour!!! just goes to show, you really do need to read those things before you place them on the dashboard. ensure you're getting what you've paid for! obviously the machine wasn't working properly! :angryfire despite phoning the car parking company who patrol the area and explaining the situation, i've got to now pay the $33 parking fine!!! :angryfire how do i prove i'd actually placed the correct amount of coins into the machine??!! i can't!! it's just my word against their stoopid machine! so, my otherwise pleasant outing ended up costing me big time!!
    ok, gotta dash!
    to all who pop in here later.
    have a happy and safe day!
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  3. by   Roy Fokker
    Good Morning folks

    Here's your song for the day!
    I have had dinner and am now going to grab another beer and settle down for the movie

    See y'all later
  4. by   babynurselsa
    Thanks Grace for starting the thread. That stinks about the ticket. Sounds like it had been a nice day till then though.
    ROy hope you are having a relaxing evening.
    I have been a busy beaver all day. CLeaned house, ripped the upstairs bathroom carpet out and am currently prepping the foor to put down vinyl tiles. I want to do ceramic, but want to take one of those classes at Lowes first. Of course today....at least today in another hour and 40 minutes....
    we get to trick or treat. I still need to get our candy bagged up. Dh's grandfather will be here in the evening. The big second bday is coming up. Then to top it all of some friend of dh is apparently coming to visit for about 3 days this weekend. I do not think I can squeeze much more into this week, at least I am pretty sure I do not want to.
    Jnette, I hope you are doing well when you get up.
    TO all who follow hope it is a great day full of treats for all.
  5. by   bethin
    Good night everyone!

    Watching the Patriots and Vikings game. Not very exciting. But yesterday's Colts game against the Broncos was excellent. I'm a HUGE Colts fan and would go to the games if I didn't work every weekend. Once I move to Indy I can walk to the dome.

    Grace, you're missing alot when you can't watch American football. The quarterbacks are always yummy, especially Matt Lienhart, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Look 'em up and you'll know what I mean. Oooohhhh I'm getting warm!!!

    Did nothing today. Probably will do the same thing tomorrow. Will work out though since I didn't do that today. Then I am finally, finally paying off a HUGE debt. Finally have the money. I'm soooo excited. Just need to deposit the check and write one out and I'll be almost debt free.
  6. by   Tweety
    Good Tuesday evening Grace. Good Monday night folks. I'll talk to you in my morning after I go to sleep. LOL
  7. by   dianah
    grace, thanks for starting the gm thread, and glad you had an almost-good time shopping (except for the ticket, of course!! danged technology!!).

    roy, enjoy your movie, and thanks for another great song-of-the-day!

    babynurselsa, you go, ripping that carpet out!! i wish i could do that to my whole house . . well, yeah, i could, but i'd have nothing to put down afterwards, and i think unfinished cement floors would be, ummmm, shall we say, less than desirable!! the tiles sound like a good transition to your lovely ceramic tile (which you'll put in ex-pertly, after your class!!).

    bethin, enjoy your football games and eye candy!!

    i got a couple of pumpkins at trader joe's, and then stopped at the fabric store to get some fall-like fabric to put the pumpkins on, just for effect/color. well, at least i did something, lol! i have the candy in our large bowl, all ready for trick-or-treaters! i love to see the little ones in costume!

    y'all have a good night, and a good day (for all who follow)! --- d
  8. by   bethin
    Quote from dianah
    bethin, enjoy your football games and eye candy!!

    i got a couple of pumpkins at trader joe's, and then stopped at the fabric store to get some fall-like fabric to put the pumpkins on, just for effect/color. well, at least i did something, lol! i have the candy in our large bowl, all ready for trick-or-treaters! i love to see the little ones in costume!

    y'all have a good night, and a good day (for all who follow)! --- d
    at least this kind of candy is fat free calorie free!! since i'm not married i can order from the menu. the rest of ya just get to daydream.

    i have done nothing for halloween. no pumpkins and my nieces aren't treak or treating this year.

    just got a call from my brother. he sounded upset and was frantic. then his cell phone hung up on me, tried calling back, no answer. my mind is going through all the awful things that are happening: my nieces are dead, my sil is miscarrying (she's not due until april). turns out he had to head to tennessee asap for business and was checking to see if i'd check on his wife in the morning. you see, this woman may be a mother of 2 and pregnant with another 2 and a teacher, but she cannot under any circumstances get out of bed in the morning without help. but she will answer the phone so i have to call at 0600. she has a phone attached to her ear and my dear niece kennedy is taking after her. the phone rang one day and she comes running in the room asking "is anyone going to get that?" and she's only 2! how cute. alright, enough rambling about my nieces.
  9. by   dianah
    Aww, what a good auntie you are!
  10. by   bethin
    Dianah, when it comes to my nieces and my brother I'd would do anything for them. My nieces are my life. I thought the other day that I don't remember smiling before they were born. You know the smiles that light up your eyes? That's me now when I see them.

    Last Thanksgiving I punched my brother so I'll see what happens this year. I think we were discussing politics and football, 2 things I hold very dear to me. He's Republican and loves the Bengals and I'm a true Democrat and adore the Colts. I still love him though. I love the fights.

    Mmm. A thought - maybe this year I'll mace him!!! Oh, that would be unforgettable!
  11. by   dianah
    Quote from bethin
    Mmm. A thought - maybe this year I'll mace him!!! Oh, that would be unforgettable!
  12. by   tnbutterfly
    hello everyone. just wanted to catch you up on how dad's surgery went since several were asking. it is just after 1 am and i am just getting home from the hospital!! dad's surgery was scheduled for 2:00 and was supposed to last about 2 1/2 hours. of course i had to get him to the hospital by noon, and they took him back before 1:00 and didn't let me go back with him. so i went to wait in the waiting room and when it got to be about 4:30, his surgeon came in but talked to another woman instead about her husband's surgery that he had just finished. then he left without speaking to me (of course i'm sure he didn't know who i was, but....) i asked the receptionist to check on my dad and she found out that he had not gone in for surgery yet. now mind you, this was around the time that i thouhgt he should be getting out. they hadn't even started and hadn't told me a thing!! they got him in shortly after that but surgery took longer than expected and he didn't get out until 8:30. then they had to keep him in recovery forever until they got his room cleaned. so it was after midnight by the time he got in his room. i decided since they are going to be checking him at least every hour tonight, that i would come back to the house and try to get a little uninterrupted sleep. the fact that there wasn't any kind of recliner to sleep in also helped me to come to that decision. dad's surgery went fine...just took longer. the doc anticipates he may get to go home on thurs.

    thanks for all the prayers. it helps to know that you guys care. guess i will try to get some sleep before i have to head back out tomorrow.
  13. by   Grace Oz
    Glad to read that your Dad's surgery went ok, tn. That was unfortunate you had to wait like that only to discover he'd not even been into OT!!!! Poor you! Sleep sweetly and best wishes to your Dad for a quick recovery.
  14. by   nursemary9
    good morning to all peeps!!!

    i hope you all have a wonderful halloween!!

    tn--i'm sorry to hear about your problem with the hospital--you would think they could tell you what's going on--they should realize that loved ones get very stressed!! i an so glad that all went well in surgery!! i will pray that he does indeed get to go home on thursday!!

    jnette-- i do hope all went well for you!! i didn't get to go back & read yesterdays thread in the afternoon, so don't know if you posted or not.

    grace, thanks for starting the thread!! my best wishes to your dh!! so sorry to hear about your ticket!! it's pretty much the same thing here with those parking machines--you always have to kind of eyeball them to make sure they're functioning.

    i can't speak to each of you individually--cause i'm at work & we're kind of busy---not quite as bad as last week, tho!! so, i'll have to run soon!!

    i have no special plans for the day!! by the time the kiddies come around, i'll all ready be in bed as i work again t onite; dh will have to take care of handing out the goodies!! :spin:

    if i was off tonite, i'd probably wear a costume & do the door answering; dh will answer----but no costume!!!!
    oh well!! at least the kiddies will get something here!!

    got to run

    all of you have a wonderful & spooky halloween!!

    mary ann