Tuesday 19th December, 2006

  1. to tuesday!

    it's a hot hot hot tuesday here in oz! we certainly could do with some rain!

    mid-afternoon here and i've been into the city to the markets. love those markets! ....................

    check them out here: ...........................

    adelaide markets: adelaide central market information: information central market: central market area of adelaide, south australia: adelaide tourist information - tour adelaide south australia

    it's as much an experience as a shopping expedition! the atmosphere is fabulous and fun. bought some delicious big juicy fresh cherries!
    all the stone fruits are in season now it being our summer season. fresh peaches, melons, nectarines, grapes, ...... we're so blessed with the abundance of food in this country.

    hope your tuesday is smooth and happy!


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  3. by   Grace Oz
    since i'm sharing some links for you to look at, thought i may as well link you to my great uncle charlie, the family rogue! lol ................

    charles cameron kingston

    family legend has it that he was a right old sob! lol he endears himself to me because of his support for women to have the vote.

    here's a link to the former "seat of power!" aunt lucy lived here, alone, until her death....

    kingston house

    this property should, rightfully, still be in our family. however, as is the way often in matters such as this, it's not! at least at the anniversary of federation celebrations held here we were treated grandly and made to feel special by the events organisers and other significant people, on the day. lol isn't family history fun?!
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  4. by   gentle
    goodmorning grace. I hope you have a wonderful day. awesome family history.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning to Grace Oz, Gentle, and anyone else who posts! :kiss

    I plan to do some housecleaning and attend an appointment. In addition, I intend to fit a health club workout into my schedule somewhere. Wish me luck with my attempts to deal with these cold-hearted insurance companies and lawyers.
  6. by   dianah
    wow, grace, awesome and amazing links!!! i just looked 'em over, cursory-like, until i have time to really go through them . . thank you!!

    it's not midnight here, but i'm posting anyway, neener neener!!

    busy, challenging day at work, beginning with an aortic stenosis case, and ending with an unstable angina pt with severe dz in his grafts, and it was a looooooooooong case cuz we couldn't get up from the groin and had to convert to arm access. bless his heart, he hung in there with us, was very patient even after all that time on the exam table. we have a tempur-pedic pad on the angio table, but i'm sure after two hours on it, it's not comfortable anymore!!! another busy day is scheduled tomorrow. we did make it through, though!

    after work (and a change of clothes) i ran to the gourmet pizza restaurant, for dh's department party. great pizzas, salad and cakes! white elephant gift exchange, always fun! then his dept sprang for tickets to see the nativity. dh and i declined, and he went home, while i hung around the mall, waiting for youngest ds to finish w/police explorers. bad, bad decision :d :d :d!!! i bought some pants and nice, sl. dressy tops for me (all on sale, at least 50% off!!), to wear to church, and i found some things i know dh will like (original price = $60 ea, on sale for 19.99!). this all happened after ds called that he was getting a ride home . . in about an hour's time, i found all that! (2 pr pants, two tops, two dressy tank tops, four of what i got dh) sometimes i go shopping and find nothing, nada, zip, so i felt blessed to have found what i did, and on sale, too!

    now to get ready for bed. y'all have a good day, keep yer sense of humor!!

    oh, and i finally found out where snow cones come from:

    and i liked this one too:

    darn contemporary architecture!!!

    see y'all later!!
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  7. by   bethin
    Good morning!

    I plan on doing a thorough cleaning of my apt and moving more stuff in. Got my telephone connected for Dec. 26 since I won't officially be living there until then. Didn't realize it was so complicated. What the heck is a toll service? My mom didn't know either.

    I'm downloading some pics of my nieces now so I'll share.

    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!
  8. by   nursemary9

    Grace, thanks for starting the thread!! I checked out those links. AWESOME!!

    I'm at work; BUSY again.

    I'll be off tonite.

    WOOPS!! I'll be back, Peeps

    Mary Ann
  9. by   jmgrn65
    good morning, day, night whatever fits.
    Work day for me today.
    Dinah those cartoons are funny.
    sorry I don't have time to address everyone I need to get in the shower and get ready. see y'all much later.
  10. by   compassion1
    Good morning everyone. Going to work soon. I'll be doing continuous care with a 78 year old gentleman. He has senile dementia with resp. distress. He's had continuous care for 5 days so it is probable that he's actively dying. God bless him. Maybe I'll take a couple of Dd's cookies with me to top off my lunch. Gonna make some more when I get home from work. Gotta keep my paws off them or we won't be able to share them with others. Ds wants us to send some to his dad, too. So we've got to "get cooking". I'll try to see ya all later. Have a peaceful God-blessed day.
  11. by   akcarmean
    good morning everyone,

    a real short note,

    running late and will be late tonight i have a job interview for another job that will give me my hours and stop messing up my paychecks and not paying me for hours that i worked.

    well take care have a wonderful day,

  12. by   bethin
    akcarmean - hope you get the job. Will be thinking of you.

    I think I'm going to have one of those days where I don't want to get out of bed. I'm so nice and comfy right now. Ugh, I can go clean tomorrow. The dirt will still be there.

    No siri? Usually she's checked in, announces she's going for coffee and leaves. Hope all is well.
  13. by   bethin
    Here's a pic of my nieces I took yesterday. Hope you can see it.

  14. by   RGN1
    Hi All!

    I never want to get out of bed!! Well not until late anyway!!

    Interesting history Grace!

    Just had a really sad call from work that a young mother who had come in with end stage matastatic CA died last night. We were all hoping, for her kids sakes, that she made Xmas but she didn't.

    It was made more sad because she never really got through the denial stage & hadn't made firm provision for the care of her children & her husband lives abroad - they split soon after her original diagnosis. It's just sooooo sad. She had been a sportswomen & was in British Olympic team one year but I won't say what sport - for anonymity's sake.

    I just can't believe those poor children - I know her siblings had pretty much said no to looking after the kids -I hope they change their minds. Why do people not make proper plans?? We have because you never know what's around the corner!!

    Sorry if I've just been rather too sober for this close to Xmas but you're all nurses & I know you probably have been through similar - that's why it's so nice to write things like this here because you know others will truly understand where you're coming from.