Tuesday 14th November, 2006

  1. cooeee ............... wakey wakey!
    to tuesday! oh yes it is! :spin:
    wishing all a splendid day and may you have nothing but pleasant encounters all day!
    i've only just read jnette's fabulous news and i couldn't be happier if she was my own sister! weeelll, you are my sister netters! sister in arms and cyberspace! lol hope you're sleeping the sleep of a woman at peace tonight. i'm sure you are! :icon_hug:
    it's evening, tuesday, here now and so my tuesday is drawing to a close. however, i truly hope you all enjoy your tuesday when you reach it!
    catch you later...............
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    ps: happy birthday to my sister,- the sister! lol
    that's what nurses were called "back in the day." lol
    imagine .... our mother, (rip), and us two daughters, all nurses!
    thank you my sister for your over 45 years wonderful contribution to the profession of nursing! you have impacted on and made a huge difference in many many lives. bless you!
    and thank you big time for being a wonderful sister! (((hug)))
    retirement is only around the corner sis, hang in there!
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  4. by   NurseyBaby'05

    Enjoy what's left of your Tuesday. Happy Birthday to ds!

    I'm at work and the poo is finally staying away from the fan. They just brought a transfer patient from another hospital in town. Apparently they need a Level I Trauma center to handle cellulitis of the RUE. At least she's not mine. Will draw blood in about 30-40 minutes on my lines. Have to wait around today until my manager comes in. They're opening a weekend option program for this Oncology unit and it would be an answer to my prayers re: the baby and dh's crazy work schedule. Please send all warm fuzzies/prayers/thoughts my way. Thank you kindly in advance!

    I hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday!
  5. by   nursemary9

    Good Moring to All!!

    I'm at work!! BUSY Again!! Does it ever get better and not worse???

    Grace, Hope the rest of your day is WONDERFUL & A To DS!!

    Nursebaby!! Good Luck to you & will send Prayers & Warm Fuzzy thoughts your way!!
    Hope t hat position works out!! I too, have to start my blood draws from the Lines shortly!!I sure wish we had more Oncology Pt's and less of those Cellulitis pt's!!! Oh well!! Someday??? I doubt it. I guess I really should think about transferring to the Cancer Ctr ---it is Day Shift only tho. I do like my nites!! Well, we'll see---there are no openings right now.

    Well, the Ceiling in our kitchen is no worse however, no better. Waiting for the next rain so DH can watch to see exactly where our leak might be----he thinks it's the caulk around the attic windows---hope that's it--that would be the easiest to repair.

    Well, got to run--haven't read the threads for the last few days yet!!

    Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Day!!!

    See you all later

    Mary Ann
  6. by   nursemary9
    dear jnette

    i just read yesterdays thread!!
    congratulations!! :bowingpur :roll :roll what great news!!!

    you must feel 100% better now!!

    mary ann
  7. by   adrienurse
    Good morning to all. That's all I have to say cause I'm headed back to bed shortly and brain is not awake
  8. by   adrienurse
    Okay now I know what everyone's talking about!!

    Favorite word for the day?

    BENIGN !!!!!!!!!!!!! ... and

    Yep ! They just called. NOT MALIGANANT !!!
    Congrats Jnette!!!! We love you!
  9. by   DDRN4me
    :1luvu: morning friends!! trying to muster up enough energy to get oob and get moving for the day.

    saw the dentist yesterday as i have had a toothache all weekend... he said it is obvious that i am stressed and have been clenching/grinding...thinks i may have fxd a filling.... and may have an infection in the tooth worked out ok calling in as i spent the day with dd on her birthday and spoiled her a bit with a shopping trip and manicure!

    makes me really evaluate if this job is worth it. starting to think that what i need is a personality makeover not different job.

    glad i am taking some time off to evaluate in the comfort of friends and family... then i can make some decisions. dh was scared when he saw me home at 4pm that i had quit!!!not to say i wasnt tempted but i feel like i have been there only 8 mos and i should be able to make it work.

    oooh well... hope everyone has a wonderful productive day... know Jnette will!!:spin: :spin: still sooo happy for you i cant help smiling!!

    happy birthday to Grace's sister

  10. by   jmgrn65
    Hello ALL
    Work day for me.
    Happy Birthday Grace to your ds
    Prayers for nursebaby
    Have a nice sleep adrienurse
    Nursemary hope the rest of your shift goes well.
  11. by   jmgrn65
    ddrn you slipped in while I was typing.
    Good Morning and I hope you figure out if it is a new job you need or what
  12. by   jnette
    Good Morning Dear Family !

    Grace, Mary, and all... thanx again for your concerns and rejocing. Yes, I slept VERY well last noc and feel wonderfully refreshed. AHH.

    I'm getting ready for work.. need to stop by my PCP's office today and get my Flu Vacc as well. Finally.

    Talked with Mom on the phone last noc.. she asked me if I was coming to visit her in Vienna, where she and Pati and Roo were. Then asked me if I had the key to her apt. there...........

    The other day she looked up at Pati and asked if Pati knew anyone who could put her in contact with her children. Said she wanted to take a trip, but needed someone to get in touch with her daughters, and that Pati would be best prepared to help her with travel arrangements.

    That was a first... she has never had recognition issues before... she's slipping. It was only the one time, however. She knows those around her 99.9 % of the time.

    OK.. better skeedaddle. Hope all to come and all who have posted already have a MARVELOUS day !!!
  13. by   sirI

    all ya'll sweetie pies!!

    thank you for starting the good morning thread, gracie, and happy birthday to your sis.

    i need refueling in the worst way!!

  14. by   suzy253
    Good morning all!
    I think I have caught up on my sleep. Might have slept another couple of hours if it wasn't for several furry alarm clocks....as usual.

    Off today--have a bit of things to do and take care of. Want to track down my best friend's mom to talk about hosting her baby shower at my home. Don't have her phone # but she lives a few miles from me.

    Also woke with a bit of a sore/scratchy throat. I hope it's justs a passing thing and doesn't grow into a full blown cold or the throat doesn't get any worse than what it is right now. BBL after coffee infusion!