Try Not To Worry

  1. There is little we can do about the erosion of our freedoms except write our representatives, and I suggest we do that. It is something we CAN do and it is a positive thing to do.

    There is little we can do about the Iraqi War except write our representatives. It appears the war is going to happen, and, regardless of how we voted, Bush was voted into the Presidency.

    Life is very strong but, paradoxically, it is also very fragile and transitory. We or a loved one could get in our car today and not be alive tonight. So worrying about the coming war and/or terrorist attacks is futile. All our worry will do is make us anxious and sick.

    I am not a Christian and neither I do not believe that God is just "on our side." For those of you who are too young to know: During the Vietnam War, Joan Baez made famous a song written by Dylan entitled "With God on Our Side" and it was a great song. I was in high school, and I began to understand that the 'other side' thinks they are just as 'right' and 'good' as the US thinks it is. So I always pray for peace and good and safety for both sides in a war.

    There's a great prose poem that goes like this (I think it's Buddhist in origin):

    If there is peace in the person,
    There will be peace in the home.
    If there is peace in the home,
    There will be peace in the city.
    If there is peace in the city,
    There will be peace in the country.
    If there is peace in the country,
    There will be peace in the world.

    So let's calmly pray for peace, beginning with ourselves.

    As the old saying goes, "If you think a little prayer won't hurt, it probably won't help either." Let's write our representatives, pray for real peace, live our lives with real love and courage, and try to leave the outcome to God. The only other choice is to worry ourselves sick.

    BTW, I have a dear friend whose adult son is going to war (Navy). Don't think for a minute that it doesn't get to me at times.
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  3. by   renerian
    I wrote our legislators about the potential war already. I also write almost weekly on animal/enviornmental issues as I have been an audubon activist for about 6 years now.

  4. by   cargal
    You are two people I would be happy and proud to know. Keep praying for peace and renerian, glad to hear of your activism.
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Excellent post and suggestion, Bella.