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  1. U.S. Postal Service Campaign to Help Fund Cancer Research with a Breast Cancer Stamp-Truth!

    Women and Children in Africa are being raped by Men Who Believe that Sex with a Virgin Will Cure AIDS-Truth!

    Poinsettia Plants Are Poisonous And Should Be Kept Away from Children and Pets-Fiction!

    Using a Steam Iron on Suspicious Letters Could Kill Anthrax-Truth! But Not Recommended!

    Visiting Can Help Provide Mammograms For Disadvantaged Women-Truth!

    Drinking Jones Juice May Cause You to Fail a Drug Test-Fiction!

    HIV-Infected Needles Hidden in Soft Drink Machines-Fiction!

    Petition in Support of The Breast Cancer Protection Act-Truth!

    The woman who died of Paget's disease of the nipple-Unproven!

    HIV-Infected Needles Are Being Found in Theater Seats-Fiction!

    Death From Rat Urine in Hawaii-Fiction!

    Picture of a Surgeon Holding Hands With a 21-week Old Fetus-Truth!

    Water: The Miracle Drug-Truth!

    Click the Pink Ribbon at Yahoo and Help Fight Breast Cancer-Truth!

    The use of underarm antiperspirants is the leading cause of breast cancer in women-Fiction!

    The glass of milk that paid for medical care-Truth!

    Bananas imported from Costa Rica are infected with the flesh-eating virus-Fiction!

    PROGESTEREX: The new date-rape drug-Fiction!

    Young boy dies after being nicked by a contaminated syringe needle in a McDonald's ball pit-Fiction!

    Vigorous coughing can help during a heart attack-Fiction!

    "The Price of a Miracle"- a little girl buys an operation for her brother with a dollar and eleven cents-Unproven!

    Toxic Tampons-Fiction!

    Vitamin-C and shrimp...a combination of death?-Fiction!

    Popular Prescription and Over The Counter Drugs containing phenylpropanolamine are being pulled from the shelves-Truth!

    Traveler Wakes Up in a Bathtub of Ice to Discover Both of His Kidneys Have Been Stolen-Fiction!

    Aspartame, The Ingredient of NutraSweet, is Linked to Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus-Disputed!

    HIV-infected needles found in gas pump handles in Jacksonville, Florida-Fiction!

    Shampoos contain a cancer-causing substance-Fiction!

    Auto air conditioners emit a toxic gas that is the leading cause of lung cancer and Alzheimer's disease-Fiction!

    The KLINGERMAN VIRUS is killing people who open an envelope sent through the mail-Fiction!
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  3. by   oramar
    Question: what is Jones Juice? About that kidney theft story. I guess it is technicaly possible for a person to live a little while after both kidneys were stolen. However, kidneys are so vascular that taking them out under such primitive conditions would most certainly cause a person to quickly bleed to death. Don't you think?
  4. by   wildhoney
    I got 'em all right except for the Poinsettia one. I really thought they were poisonous.

    I learned something tonight.
  5. by   betts
  6. by   betts
    Traveler Wakes Up in a Bathtub of Ice to Discover Both of His Kidneys Have Been Stolen -Fiction!

    Summary of the eRumor
    There are various versions (such as the one below), but they all talk about a traveling businessman or a tourist who becomes involved with someone from the area where he is visiting. The next thing he remembers, he's awakening in a bathtub full of ice. He either reads a note that informs him that his kidneys have been harvested for an organ transplant, or he picks up the phone and reaches either the hotel operator or the police. Through the phone call, he learns that his kidneys have been removed by medical crooks and he discovers the stitched wounds where the surgery took place. Emergency personnel arrive on the scene to give him first-aid and take him to a hospital where he is described as being on a transplant waiting list.

    The Truth
    This is a story that has been so widely circulated and for so long, that it is regarded by researchers as a classic urban legend. There is not a documented case of a tourist being drugged and hijacked by medical thieves. The person who's name is at the bottom of the email below, by the way, is not the originator of the email. Her name is being falsely attached to a large number of the emails being sent about this story.

    A real story that is related
    Interestingly, there is a reported case of a stolen kidney, but not to an unwary tourist. BBC reporter Sue Lloyd Roberts has done a special report on the buying and selling of human organs In Turkey (BBC 1/8/01). She says that the Moldovan village of Minghia has become known as the world's best source human kidneys. That's because villagers have been willing to sell one of their kidneys to surgeons who make a profit on them for transplant patients, especially in Israel. Roberts tells the story of a young engineer who went to Istanbul on the promise of a job. When he got there, he was told that the job was no longer available, but that he could get some cash by selling some of his blood. Apparently he was not suspicious that giving blood would be treated as a surgical procedure, but when he awakened, he had a scar and a missing kidney and was told that he could get the going rate for Moldovan kidneys, $3,000.
  7. by   betts
    Poinsettia Plants Are Poisonous And Should Be Kept Away from Children and Pets-Fiction!

    Summary of eRumor:
    It's common around Christmas time for people to warn one another about the alleged toxicity of poinsettias.

    The Truth:
    This is one of those beliefs that is so widespread that a survey of florists found that most of them believed it to be true. That's because it has been the conventional understanding about poinsettias for many years.

    The consensus of government agencies, health centers, veterinary groups, and plant and flower organizations that we've surveyed, however, is that poinsettias are not toxic and do not pose a health threat to children or pets.

    The belief in poinsettia poison appears to extend back to 1919 when the two-year-old child of a U.S. Army officer died. It was believed that the death was caused by the child ingesting poinsettia leaves. The American Society of Florists has looked into the matter extensively and says there was never any proof that poinsettia leaves were responsible for the child's death and the report was later determined to be hearsay.

    The America Society of Florists joined with researchers at Ohio State University to test various parts of the poinsettia plant on rats. Their conclusion was that there was no toxicity or any other side effects even when the rats were given large doses.

    POISENDEX is the source of poison information for the majority of poison control centers. It says that a 50-pound child would have to eat more than a pound-and-a-quarter of poinsettia leaves to exceed the doses used in the Ohio State research, which would be 500 to 600 leaves.

    The American Society of Florists says no other consumer plant has been tested for toxicity more than the poinsettia.

    The ASPCA Animal Poison Center in Urbana, Illinois says it regards poinsettias as having such low toxicity risk that it doesn't even recommend decontaminating animals that may have ingested them. The center says that there can sometimes be gastrointestinal distress from having ingested something alien to the digestive system.

    The American Veterinary Medicine Association of America (AVMA), doesn't include poinsettias on its list of plants that are a threat to animals.

    Because of the belief that poinsettias are toxic, there are numerous visits to hospitals each year by concerned parents or pet owners whose children or pet have ingested or in some other way been exposed to poinsettias.

    A study released in 2000 by Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University found that out of nearly 23,000 poinsettia exposures reported to poison control centers nationwide, there was essentially no toxicity of significance of any kind.
  8. by   wildhoney
    Originally posted by betts

    Thanks for the info but...

    Hemp juice? So if I drink this on a daily basis I shouldn't test positive for THC? Hmm.

    Different strokes for different folks. I think I'll just stick to fish for my omega source.
  9. by   wildhoney

    you are one big bundle of information, and fast too! Thanks for the explanation/truth.
  10. by   betts
    The 'Jones Juice' containing the hemp(THC) in enough quanity for you to test positive is actually called 'Daves Juice' and made by the same bottler.
    Last edit by betts on Mar 6, '02
  11. by   KRVRN
    Just thought I'd throw this in... there's a really interesting website devoted to urban legends. Describes what's true, what's false, where it originated, etc.
  12. by   aimeee
    I love that snopes urban legends website. I am forever getting stupid email hoaxes sent to me (yesterday's was about Bonsai Kittens) and as soon as I get one now the first thing I do is check the snopes site and send the url debunking whatever back to the sender. Some people are finally getting smart and checking the stories out BEFORE they hit the forward button.
  13. by   NurseDennie
    Bonsai kittens? That's a new one on me!

    I've seen the picture of the surgeon holding the 22 week fetus' hand - it was taken at the hospital/univ that I work for. It was in an article in the local paper and in the in-house "organ" as well. The surgeon reached in during the surgery and drew the baby's hand out and held it like that. From what I remember, the baby has done well.


  14. by   betts

    The Internet isn't a 'closed mind', simply type in whatever and click internet hoaxes