Troubleshooting Section:

  1. You will have many, many problems through the life of your computer.

    Here are a few problems you may encounter and their solutions:

    Problem: My computer won't turn on
    Solution/Advice: This is perfectly normal

    Problem: My keyboard doesn't seem to have any keys.
    Solution/Advice: Turn the keyboard the right way up.

    Problem: My foot pedal wont work
    Solution/Advice: Try using it on the mouse mat instead

    Problem: My CD Rom won't work.
    Solution/Advice: This is not a CD-ROM; it's a coffee holder.

    Problem: I have made a mistake in the word processor. How do I change it?
    Solution/Advice: Tipp-Ex over the mistake and type it in correctly.

    Problem: I keep getting a message saying 'General Protection Fault'
    Solution/Advice: This is probably because you are trying to use the computer. Switch the computer to OFF mode and any messages will disappear.

    Problem: What exactly will my warranty cover?
    Solution/Advice: Its big enough to cover your mouse pad

    Problem: My PC is a useless piece of junk
    Solution/Advice: You need to upgrade to the Anthrax 3000 turbo model with exclusive limited ability, or trade your PC in for our pen and paper set. **

    ** Due to problems with some of our pens, the pen and paper set has been discontinued.