Trolling for Hermaphrodites

  1. HAHA Made ya look!!! I made this title up just to see how many "bites" I could get. While I gotcha, just wanted to let everyone know that the chemo finally seems to be working, I have had the absolute best week I've had since I got sick this week. Before, I would feel good for about a day or so, but this week I have felt good all week, and the lumps are ever so slowly shrinking. There, you all have been updated on my condition. Next MD appt. is 2/4, with another round of chemo the week after that.

    Pappy :kiss
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  3. by   Mkue

    Glad you are doing a little better Pappy
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  4. by   JohnnyGage
    Glad to hear things are going well, Jon!
  5. by   ayemmeff
    You got me!!!!!!

    And it's great to hear things are looking brighter for you!

    We haven't been "formally introduced" as yet,Pappy but I have been quietly wishing you well and thinking you're one cool dood! Pleased to meetcha at last!
  6. by   Beach_RN
    Made me look! I'm so happy the treatments are working and that your are feeling better!
    Good News!

  7. by   JonRN
    Pleased to meetcha too. I take it you are from across the pond Ayemmeff? Wonderful people over there, I spent my younger years in France, from age 17-22, doing Uncle Sam's dirty work for him.
  8. by   Mattigan
    Well, you got me. Glad you are feeling better and my strongest wishes that hte feeling last a loooong time.
  9. by   NS_RN

    Don't really know the whole scoop, but your subject line sure caught my eye!LOL
    Greetings from NovaScotia Canada...and glad you are feeling better hon!
  10. by   WashYaHands
    Glad to hear that things are coming along for the better. Take care and keep us posted.

  11. by   CountrifiedRN
    Cool title!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  12. by   anitame
    WoooHoooo, glad you're doing better!
  13. by   Stargazer
    Ya got me too, Pappy! :chuckle And "yay!" to your improving health!
  14. by   baseline
    Hooked, and absolutely delited Pappy!!!