Triplet Girls born this morning...

  1. Well, triplet goats anyway...But all girls is great. My Mom is out there with them now giving the mother a vitamin/mineral shot to prevent "Milk Fever" (we had some goats die of this a few years ago and don't want to loose anymore). They are soooooo cute when they are little, when they get bigger and grow horns they turn into pains in the bohonkus (literally).
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  3. by   Lausana
    Whoa! I can't imagine a goat carrying 3 babies? I bet those are precious little girls
  4. by   J-RN student
    :hatparty: Congrats Grandma!
  5. by   colleen10
    Hi Kara,

    Congrats to you!!! Glad the Birth went so well.

    I used to volunteer at a horse farm that had goats and baby goats and they are the cutest little things! I remember I was so amased that even when they are so young and little they can jump all around and vertically!
  6. by   jdomep
    I want one I need a girl in this house
  7. by   kristi915
    I DO NOT like goats.....nope...

    I got bucked by one, and he knocked me off their little "goat house" I fell 4 feet on my butt and goats for me...

    OH, then, I went to an animal farm down the road from us and I was feeding the goats just like the woman told us to and he bit my pinky.....

    I don't like goats....

    Piggies are better!
  8. by   night owl
    Awwww how nice! Congradulations to you! When do we get to see them? A picture perhaps? Please???? My Godmother had baby goats and we used to feed them with a bottle and they are the cutest little things.