Trip to LV Idea

  1. Hey guys. I was sitting here drinkin' and thinkin' last night (actually EARLY this morning ) and had an idea...can't ya smell the smoke? Anyways, I was thinking what if we make this trip to Vegas an annual thing, that way those who can't make it to Vegas this September can come the nest year? I happened to think this is a good idea, especially for those who already have plans or who can't come this year. SO! Tell me whatcha think: Good idea? or is it just extremely late? :chuckle Ok, hope to hear some responses soon! ~Kacy
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    I think we need to get one "convention" finally under our belt before we plan multiples.

    And if we did it, I think it should rotate around all over the place. No reason to always have the Vegas-ites get outta that yearly airfare.

  4. by   karenG
    you could come to London!!!

    ok I'll save and come to america!!

  5. by   FutureRN~Pookie
    Heather, yeah, that would be good. I didn't mean necessarily always in Vegas (could probably get a little boring after 10 years ) Anyways, it was just a thought! ~Kacy
  6. by   BadBird
    I like the idea of going to different places, so many fun things to do like Mardi Gras, but I agree with Heather, let's get the first one done and see what happens.
  7. by   BadBird
    How about a cruise, imagine us all on a ship, drinking, dancing and gambling.
  8. by   FutureRN~Pookie
    OOOOOOOOHHH! That sounds like a winner to me! Oh yeah... ~Kacy
  9. by   Lausana
    <subliminal hinting> Chicagp Chicago Chicago
  10. by   FutureRN~Pookie
    Hmmm....HEY EVERYONE!!! What about CHICAGO??? I have this weird urge to go there..... hmmmm ~Kacy
  11. by   Lausana
    like clay in my hands...
  12. by   emily_mom
    Originally posted by Lausana
    <subliminal hinting> Chicagp Chicago Chicago
    Great idea! Nice central location (plus only a 5 hour drive!).
  13. by   FutureRN~Pookie THATS why you like chicago, huh, kristy? LOL...I like Chicago for another get together some day...central and windy ~Kacy
  14. by   karenG
    chicago? hmm thinks thats only an 8hr flight! better start practicing!