Travel Tip-don't wear underwire bra!!!

  1. I have traveled several times since 9/11 and have never thought of this until last weekend, when I was on my way home and a poor woman on my flight was selected for a random search and was unfortunately wearing an underwire bra. Now, anyone who has been selected for a random search, or seen one, knows that anywhere the metal detector goes off, they feel!!!
    So, there is my tip for the day!!!!
    Happy and safe flying!!!!
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  3. by   Tilleycs
    I heard on the news about a woman whose underwire set the alarm off, and they made her take it off and go back through braless. She's suing, of course (it's the American way!), for some kind of mental anguish or pain and suffering, or something. *sigh* Does she know how many women out there WISH their chests would get them some kind of attention?
  4. by   J-RN student
    Originally posted by Tilleycs
    Does she know how many women out there WISH their chests would get them some kind of attention?
  5. by   bagladyrn
    Yep - get beeped every time I fly, but when they go over with the wand and it beeps at chest level, I've never been made to remove it (Maybe they don't want to see these cut loose - "Stand back, somebody could get hurt!") I have to wonder though, what happens to people going through the detectors with "exotic" piercings? I know that my earrings have set off a sensitive detector before.
  6. by   gwenith
    A friend of mine escorted a patient to MRI and had to stay inside with the patient. They asked her to remove all metal objects but she forgot the bobbypins in her ahir and said she could feel them pulling her hair toward the machine. Now MY bra usually has so much underwiring that the stock price goes up on steel every time a buy a new one.

    I just have this mental image of me in an MRI room flattened to that machine by my bra, or worse yet the bra ripping right off of my body to sail toward the machine!
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    rofl aaahhh the things that aggravate and inconvience. I wear underwires everywhere. never considered problems at the air port. thanks for the tip.
  8. by   debyan
    I am still thinking about the piercings, my sons friend has them everywhere you can imagine. Just the thought of them waving a wand over him gives me the giggles
    I would never have even thought of an underwire bra being a problem, except when the wire comes out on that one side and aggivates the crap out of you
  9. by   unbridled
    Even before Sept 11 this was a problem. I had to fly in and out of Fayetteville NC several times in 1998. Now this airport has maybe 4 gates, but I swear reflective gum wrappers would set off the alarms. And the security guys were on a real power trip.

    So the first time I flew out of Fayetteville (before I was aware of all of this), I was this security guy's wet dream because I set off the metal detector. More than once. I was wearing cowboy boots with metal tips, silver and turquoise necklace, earrings, and bracelet, a long denim dress that had metal buttons all the way down the front and I was also wearing an underwire bra. So of course the metal detector went off. I took off all the jewelry. The alarm goes off. I take off the boots. The alarm goes off. The snotty security guy says he'll have to use the wand. He starts at the bottom of my skirt and brings the wand upwards, as close as he can without actually touching me. Every time he goes by a button, the wand beeps. He goes between my breasts and the wand beeps. There is no button there, so of course I must be hiding something. He actually pokes the front of my dress over my breasts and says, "Do you have anything behind there?" The sheer number of sarcastic responses I could have said made my brain freeze. So I put my hands on my hips and gave him THE STARE. He rapidly turned a brilliant shade of tomato and waved me on through.
  10. by   RNforLongTime
    Hmm, that's funny, I just travelled to Vegas by air and didn't set off the alarms. I was patted down by a female cop but only as part of a random search NOT because of my underwire bra, That was just on the flight out to Vegas. I didn't get patted down by anyone on the flight home. They serched my purse this time bacause I forgot that I left my manicure kit in my purse so they ended up confiscating my cuticle scissors which I had in my checked luggage on the flight out to Vegas. Oops!
  11. by   nakitamoon
    my shoes set the alarm off,,,, going through the line,,,, at lauderdale airport,,,, "excuse me maam,,, plz,,, go stand right there",,, pointing to a roped off area,,, with couple of chairs,,,, Woman security gaurd,,, showed up ,,,, "raise your arms,,, spread your legs,,, always face your baggage,,,, give them your shoes,,,," Which I did,,,,,,

    only beeping,,, she got to bra,,,, "Excuse me,, I have to feel here,,, to be sure I'ts your bra,,,,, and here,,,, and of course,,, here in middle,,,,,," "" now sit down,,,, lift your feet,,, need to see the bottom,,,,,

    I felt so violated,,,, not safer,,,,,

    I have no problem being searched,,, but,,,, in middle of airport,,, in front of anyone,,,, And,,,, the woman could of asked,,,, nicely,,, for me,,,, to as she needed,,,,, as I said,,, felt violated,,, not safer,,,,,

    Oh the beep? the metal piece inside your shoe,,,, I took off my shoes,,,, through the next airport check,,,, no beep,,,, no search,,,,