Travel during War

  1. Hubby and I have travel plans for next week to go to England for 10 days. I have definite concerns about safety. I check out the State Dept. website daily, Homeland Security, and the UK version. I just wish that they (govt) would level with us if there is a specific terrorist threat out there. I want very much to go and visit my hubby's sis and her hubby in England yet I'm so scared about terrorists. Realizing of course, that this is the world we now live in. So.....just wanted to get other opinions about flying and whether they would feel safe enough or not.
    Thanks and cheers
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  3. by   semstr
    I sympatize with your fears!
    But as a few people stated on this boards, you have to live with this terrorists threats.
    I can only say: ha, ha, ha people who say this obviously don't have to travel abroad or don't have loved ones in immediately dangerous postitions, they take it too easy, or still think nothing will happen to them.
    I, in your case, would not travel an American or British company, which is hard I guess, but something pretty "neutral".
    And.....sorry, can't hold back here, don't necessarily believe what State Departement says.
  4. by   Gomer
    Suggest you play-act Canadian. I've been to both Europe and Asia in the last 5 years...always tell people I'm from Calgary...usually works if I don't have to show my passport...even have a red maple leaf on my backpack.
  5. by   Stargazer
    Personally speaking, I would feel absolutely safe flying to England right now, and pretty much anywhere in northern Europe.

    I wouldn't feel safe going to Asia right now (because of SARS, not the war), and you wouldn't catch me anywhere near the Middle East or the Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey, etc.) I did visit 5 different cities in South America 2 weeks ago and felt perfectly safe doing so.

    Acting Canadian and taking non-US/non-British carriers, while IMO not strictly necessary, are certainly ideas you may wish to consider.

    Originally posted by semestr
    And.....sorry, can't hold back here, don't necessarily believe what State Departement says.
  6. by   jnette
    My eightyone yr. old Mom had a frightening experience on the plane on her way back to Germany last summer. A group of Pakistanis in their traditional garb began arguing with her over her seat asignment. She was able to pick out they were grumbling about her being "American" and when they started pushing/poking at her, she really became unnerved. When the attendants came to intervene, she immediately switched into rambling in German. (she was flying Lufthansa) Rather than arguing with the group, they just moved her up to the first class section, and when they arrived, they even followed her out and had an airport official escort her until they were assured of her safety.
    Guess everyone's a bit edgy these days. Still haven't decided if I'm flying to Tucson yet in June. The flight doesn't scare me as much as the airport itself being a target. Oh well, still have a few weeks to decide...
  7. by   rosaria
    I'm flying too, and have considered the worst....feeling like it is not going to happen .....feeling assured that I will be safe and that the Holy Face shows me that BEAUTY is the result of our travel......(.Honoring the Holy Face (Christ's) has a promise of returned Beauty as a result. ) My Holy Spirit sometimes guides me instantly with the guidance of a locution of BEAUTY. I take it as a yes...... He's been with me a takes some knowing Him. Have a safe flight. Rosaria