transcultural nursing

  1. working in an er i see it all, and see them all. by them i mean all races and all walks of life. i hear co-workers make snide remarks about certain ethnicities all the time. i dont like it. i tell them i dont like it. i am going to try to start some inservices about transcultural nursing. this is one website that i found that i like:

    if anyone has done inservices on this in the past i would appreciate any information (email me some outlines).
    i have never done an inservice before (my boss told me ot "knock myself out" if i wanted to do one) and would appreciate any help
    than you
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    A mother brought her toddler to the ER when she found him putting Ajax in his mouth, "Those mothers are so stupid!"

    A diabetic came in with a low glucose. The remark was, "Those diabetics are so dumb!"
    Turned out to be an MD on the way home from a 24 hour shift at another hospital. They "cut some slack".

    It is easy to become cynical working in the ED. These nurses were kind to the patients although they did not understand. That is one thing I like about nurses in general.

    (For ST geeks - your staff needs to learn IDIC)
    Infinite diversity in infinite combinations
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