Training Iraqi "guides" , salary $ 97,000.00 !!

  1. I already signed off for the night and decided I had to share this anti - American commentary with by BB buds...a friend e-mailed it to me.

    From the Washington Karen DeYoung 10-8-02


    WASHINGTON-- The Pentagon is preparing to train at least 1,000 Iraqi opponents of Saddam Hussein to be battlefield advisors, scouts, guides, and translators for American military units during any U.S. attack on Iraq, administration officials said Monday.

    Officials stressed that President Bush hasn't made a final decision.

    But the Defense Department has started compiling a list of about 1,000 likely recruits, taken from names submitted by Iraqi opposition groups, of those Iraqi's volunteering to assist U.S. units on the ground.

    They would also be trained to be guards and supervisors for Iraqi troops in prison of war camps. (prison of war camps?????????????)

    In a second training phase, additional recruits would be prepared to occupy forward positions inside Iraq, where they would "light" targets................... ("light" targets????)
    for laser-guided weapons during U.S. air strikes.

    The Pentagon has authorized $97 million in training funds, which could begin as early as this week.

    I did the math , is that $97,000 to pay (bribe) & train each "lighter", guard and translator? Wonder how many years we will keep the adult male population of Iraq in prison of war camps?

    No wonder they say this war will cost an estimated 300 million dollars per week.....

    (Makes me wonder if the Native American guides are spinning in their graves....they were born in the wrong century...
    didn't they get paid in beaver-hides?)

    Wonder if we are having trouble signing up volunteers for "lighting" and translating....?

    See in the news the body bag and phone calls to American parents has begun.

    I'd like to see a focus on affordable prescription drugs for aging Americans, health coverage for all children, my 401K as solvent as it was two years ago,
    ....................... the four trillion dollar surplus in the treasury that was there three years ago....what is it now---- an 8 trillion dollar deficit?? oh well, taxes, taxes, taxes.... winning wars/purchasing a win and buying allies costs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!......taxes, taxes, taxes..........
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  3. by   sjoe
    If this works like healthcare dollars work, $90,000 of that figure will be spent for administration and supervision, $5,000 on physical plant and overhead, and $2,000 for the individual doing the actual work.
  4. by   StuPer
    Hello All,
    I`m somewhat surprised at your amazement over this issue.... . as you rightly point out this is`nt a strange scenario (many countries including America have used local help to propagate a war) in fact from this point of view you would be bloody stupid not to use local knowledge (fewer coalition troops in body-bags). I may not agree with the all the reasons for initating this war.... but if it is going to happen lets ensure its over with (with the least number of casualties on both sides) as soon as possible.
    Where I would get vocal is that no-one in their right mind can argue Saddam Hussein is a good leader of Iraq, but, what has got to stop happening is the idea that the solution is to initiate democracy in Iraq..... in the Arab world this is an alien concept... and no amount of prevaricating will change this.
    Further to this, if anyone tries to control Iraqi oil through external influences its doomed to failure.... because not just the Iraqi's would fight it.... but all Arab nations would.... its the only power they have on the world stage.... and thats a body that even America can`t hope to stop on their own home soil.
    regards Stuart
  5. by   Glad2behere
    I think the point being made here is that the 1000 recruits will likely be the next terrorists as quickly as things flip-flop over there. Before it's all over, the whole region will be in war, if not with us, over whether any particular country is too sympathetic to Western interests, so they will either unite against us or focus on Israel as the problem source to do it. If that doesn't fly, they'll just backstab each other, and a whole new list of terrorist groups will emerge.
  6. by   jnette
    Yep. I believe you're right, there, Glad 2b here...just what ARE we getting into, anyway !!!???